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The purpose of the Federal Music Project was to establish high standards of musicianship, to rehabilitate musicians by assisting them to become self-supporting, to retrain musicians and to educate the public in the appreciation of musical opportunities.

"The American Dream"

The Federal Music Project

The (FMP)

The Federal Music project started July 1939 and ended 1943.


This was a relief program

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The Federal Music Project was a branch of the WPA formed with the purpose of providing work for unemployed musicians, vocalists, and music educators, who have have been hit hard with the stock markets crashing and jobs going out of business.

Jazz Today was developed from the jazz years ago. Jazz has more harmonic and rhythm complexity than hitherto which was using in the 1920's Jazz.

10 Facts About the Federal Music Proj

10 Facts about the Federal Music Program

1.)They gave lessons to adults.


2.)More than 60,000 people showed up for FMP every week.


3.)They employed 16,000 musicians.


4.)Sound recordings began to replace live performances.


5.)The FMP was enacted under Theodore D. Roosevelt's new deal.


6.)Well-known symphonies today influenced the FMP activity.


7.)The concerts were either low cost or free.


8.)They started adding folk music from other ethnic cultures.


9.)They recorded prison work songs, folk ballots, and spiritual music from other cultures.


10.)They mainly focused on European classical music.

Federal Music Project: Effects on Economy


Unemployment Rate-  down


Government Spending- Up




Confidence building- Up


Role Of government- Up