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The life

of Mesoamerican reef

 illistrated and written by: Drequan Jackson

illistrated by and written by: Drequan Jackson

        The life of Mesoamerica    



                     Table of contents






2.The animals


3.The problems


4.The solutions



The location of the mesoamerican reef is located in the caribbean sea and touches the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Hunduras. Stretching 700 miles from the northern tip of Yucatan penisula

 The most animals that live in the mesoamerican reef are Leatherbackturtles, Greenturtles, Loggerheadturtle, Hawksbillturtle, and lastly a whale shark is located in the mesoamerican reef and over 500 spicies more.

 Problems in the mesoamerican reef


Problems that are in the mesoamerican reef is overfishing is losing the population of fish and another problem is climate change it causes coral bleachig and when its hot the mud melts slipping into the water and causing it to be more dirty.