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The Darkness


A 17 year-old girl named Jessica Parkson lived in a scary neighborhood in St. Augustine. She lived in a really bad area and the lights have not been working for about a month. Jessica lived alone with her grandfather. Jessica always felt like her grandpa was always keeping secrets from her. He had always been a very mysterious man. They lived in a decently big house that had a basement. The basement was pretty messed up and broken down so they never really went down there.

A couple hours after Jessica said bye to her grandpa, she calls her friend Abigail. Abigail comes over to hang out for the night to keep Jessica company. Abigail was a curious person. While Jessica goes to the kitchen to get some food Abigail is in the living room looking around the house. She goes to the basement and sees a reflection of a person and she goes towards it. As Jessica is coming back she hears a scream. She sees that Abigail is not there and she hears the scream. Jessica drops the food and runs down to the basement.  She tries to turn on the lights and but they wont turn on. 

One Monday morning, Jessica’s grandfather had to go to the city for a job he applied for. They were having money problems so he had to find a better job. He had to leave for two days. He told Jessica the regular procedures they do almost every night. She had to keep all the doors and windows locked. If somebody is knocking on the door do no answer it unless it’s for sure someone you know. Usually they had to leave some lights on if they aren’t going to bed yet but the lights were not working so she had to light a few candles instead. Jessica never really knew why they did this sometimes. She just thought that her grandfather was being protective. She never knew the reason why he was so protective though.




Jessica feels something breathing behind her neck and goose bumps start showing up everywhere on her body. Jessica turns around slowly and sees something that’s not human and looks like a monster. The monster jumps at her and she drops to floor but the monster still managed to scratch arm. Jessica tries to run away but the monster scratches her leg causing her to trip and hit her head on the wall. Jessica, hurt badly, opens her eyes and sees the monster walking towards her. The monster had a big mouth with long sharp teeth, it was dark reddish color, it had big hand with long sharp nails, and as it was walking towards her she could see it ribcage and it bones as if he had no skin.  Jessica was stuck in the corner and she threw the flashlight at the monster hoping that somehow it would help her get away.  Jessica was screaming for her life because she was about to die.


Jessica hears a gun shot and opens her eyes seeing her grandfather with a shotgun and the monster on the floor. They run at each other giving each other a big hug. As Jessica and her grandpa are going back upstairs to call the cops they hear glass break in the basement. They look back and see that the monster is no longer dead on the floor. Jessica and her grandfather look out the window and see the ugly monster crawling far away, bleeding out. Jessica and her grandfather move away into the city and they never saw the monster.