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This page is basic info on Guatemala.  Guatemala is home to 17,021,548 people. Its area is 42,042 mi².  Guatemala's absolute location is 15.7835° N, 90.2308° W. It's politics are like United States because they are a democracy and most of them get a say to vote on the leaders they want. Fun fact: policemen don't vote in Guatemala.

Basic Info


Guatemala has beautiful landforms. and many of them here are three examples .  One is the mountains which form a mountain chain and that mountain chain has the biggest mountain in Central America.  Next is the Highland which as you read before have most of the mountain chain on or near them.  Last is the cloud forest which is the largest in the region.


Guatemala's climate in different where you are.  For instance if you are near it's lake or the highland if you like hiking or other outdoor activities that's where you want to be it's most of the time it's about 72 Fahrenheit.  But if you like the beach then you want to be in the coastal region because it is hotter than the others with up to 68-99 Fahrenheit.

Manmade Landmarks

Guatemala has many landmarks here is a fact about three of them.The Rediform Tower is a memorial for General Justo Rufino Barrios 100th birthday. The creator of the Metropolitan Cathedral was one of the builders to make Guatemala City.Finally El Mirador was once a capital city for maya people.

Natural Resources 

Guatemala has lots of cool Natural Resources that I am here to talk about.  First is lead which is what's in your pencil.Next is Nickel which is used to make a Nickel.Finally is gold which most it is from meteors.


Guatemala makes lots of thing because it grows lots of things.One is soup that is made in 2,800 B.C. .Next is candles which can soothe, excite, create a sense of escapism or make you feel right at home.  Last is Furniture which The first know furniture was 30,000 years old.


Guatemala grows many things here are three examples .  One is the cotton plant which it's cotton is actually more efficient when wet.   Next the cacao tree which takes it five years to make its first fruit.  Finally the banana tree and it only takes nine months to grow and produce a bunch of bananas.

Guatemala has interesting food and holidays.  One holiday is Army Day which is on June 30th it's like July 4th but with a different name because it's about honoring the people who fought to liberate Guatemala.   One food is corn which on christmas they have a feast with corn,rice,and tamales.  Another food is chicken pepian which is a version of the country's national dish.