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Rain's Lit Poetry Booklet


By: Rain Clements

Table of Contents


1. Found Poem " 


2. Blackout Poem "


3. ABC Poem "Happiness"


4. Cinquain Poem "Love"


5. Haiku "School"


6. Bio Poem "Jesus"


7. Shape Poem "I"


8. Acrostic Poem "Fun"


9. Elergy "GPA"


10. Tanka "Bae"


11. List Poem "Trouble"


12. Limerick " Back off Bobby"


13. Senryu "Netflix"


14. Epitaph "Angel"


15. Diamante "Fap"

Steal Yo Man


All the ladies in the club

cried for years

Cause I got gloss on my lips

that make them boys go loco

I'll take your man 

Cause I can

I'm delicious and a little promiscuous

My lips still rock 

the boys dont like your cheap lipgloss


BlackOut Poem


Happiness is what you make it


I like to find something good in bad situations


Just because things get bad


Know that things will turn around


Look for positivity and


Make your own happiness





Strong, Passionate


Caring, Loving, Supporting


Wonderful, Magical, Blessed, Special








My thoughts about school


All the work is very cruel


None of it is cool




Jesus Christ




Loving, Caring, Selfless


Son of God


Who loves everyone


Who felt sympathy for the world, and who wanted to save the world


None None and None


Saved the world from sin


Wanted to see a pathway for sinners, wanted to see people get saved









I am Rain Clements


I like




I like






I am Rain Clements.



Fill your life with love and happiness, surround yourself with those who


Understand you and love you


Never be subjected to being boring, live your life to the fullest






Oh GPA, how i miss you


You were so high and mighty


But now you're gone, R.I.P.


Unai is the best


He’s my favorite person

He's so nice and sweet


I love him so so so much


The love of my life





I went to school

And the stuff I brought was cool

I brought a candle a cake.

A bunny a snake

A spoon a fork

A pipe a cork.

A mineral a stone

A log a bone.

I brought a chair a bed

And a dog named Ed

They sent me home

And I had to go sit in my room alone.


Back off Bobby


There was a man named Bobby


He sounded a little snobby


His body shape was lean


But he looked a little mean


Bobby can catch me in the lobby.


Lovely Netflix show


I could watch you all day long


Oh how I love you




“ Heaven gained a new Angel “





Yummy, Delicious


Cooking, Eating, Enjoying


The food is good, A very nice nap


Sleeping, Relaxing, Chilling


Peaceful, Quiet