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Symptoms/warning signs


People who do have Hypertension most of the time don't even know it. 1/3 of people who have it don't experience the symptoms and, the only way to be sure that you have it is through regular checkups. If a person does experience symptoms this is what to look out for...





* Severe headache

* Fatigue or confusion

* Vision problems

* Chest pain

* Difficulty breathing

* Irregular heartbeat

* Blood in the urine

* Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears








& treatment Options


Hypertension can be prevented with regular excerise for 30-60 mins a day, eating a balanced and healthy diet, haveing low sodium foods and trying not to add salt ot foods, managing stress levels and situations, limiting alcohol intake, and not smoking.


 If Hypertension is already evident then there are treatment optins to limit and live with the effects such as doing alot of the same prevention tecniques like eating healthy, exerciseing regularly, limiting salt and alcohol intake, not smoking and managing stress levels. But you also have to monitor blood preasure levels, maintain a healthy weight, practice relaxation tecniques, and when pregnet controling blood preasure.


These options are the first thing doctors will subcribe to patients, but for some cases these treatments aren't enough and medication has to be subcribed some including


* Thiazide diuretics

* Beta blockers ( more effective when combined with other supplements)

 * Calcium channel blockers ( high risk of symptoms)


Medications to treat Hypertension are last resort and should not be first options.




Having Hypertension though it isn't a visible illness it is still a serious one and if not treated properly can be fatel. Its impact on peoples lives can be life changing and the people around them are not an exception to this, beacause of the effort people may have to put into controling their blood preasure their free time may be taken up by doctor appoinments and checkups. Peoples schedules may revolve around their doctor vists and they may take early trips off work to achieve this. They also may need extra time off work or even a new job if stress levels are high during there occupation. On the up side people with Hypertension may seem more relaxed and less stressed because of being cautious of their stress levels. If someone who has Hypertension lives in a family environment a new healthy diet will be entitled not just to the effected but to the whole family as well.

Impact on Society


Though being a serious disease Hypertension is liveable. But with it being serious it means that it is a team effort, regular checkups and consultations with your doctor are substantual and being on the same level as your doctor and understanding your disease is crucial to living a relitivly normal life. A shift in diet practices may need getting used to but are completely do able if done correctly. Learning stress releaving activites can be enjoyable if you find something fun to do like yoga. Another shift is regular exercise, finding time in a already busy schedule can be difficult but exercising and maintaining a healthy weight are important in preventing serious health concerns that Hypertension can cause. 


Quality of Life







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