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Title: Julio

 By:Julio Daiz

Orion, the Hunter,is very famous seasonal constellation.

Orion was one of the bravest hunters of all times.


The Constellation is what are team pick which is a  Orion. Orion is also called a ''The Hunter''.  The hunter is a reallly cool picture also it soo least often that you can see it. Here is a picture of a hunter. It is a warrior 

     A fact about Orion is that he '' Is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world''.

Rigel,Bellatrix,Betelgeuse are stars in the Orion constellation. Rigel is the brightest star out of the constellation. Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are the two stars that make up orion's shoulders. Orion is cleary visible from the months november to febuary. Rigel is a blue super giant that is in the constellation. The constellation has become very famous for its stories and backgrounds.


The picture to the left is what the constellation looks like connected by lines. The picture above is a photo taken on a clear night. 

The ancient Greeks saw the figure called "Orion The Hunter" in the night sky. Their are actualy sveral different types of myths about the birth of Orion.According to one of the myths Orion was the  son of some poor shepard named "Hyrieus".


Homer and Hesiod

''Orion is mentioned in the oldest surviving works of Greek literature, which probably date back to the 7th or 8th century BC, but which are the products of an oral tradition with origins several centuries earlier. In Homer's Iliad Orion is described as a constellation, and the star Sirius is mentioned as his dog.[3] In the Odyssey, Odysseus sees him hunting in the underworld with a bronze club, a great slayer of animals; he is also mentioned as a constellation, as the lover of the Goddess Dawn, as slain by Artemis, and as the most handsome of the earthborn.[4] In the Works and Days of Hesiod, Orion is also a constellation, one whose rising and setting with the sun is used to reckon the year.''


  the greek myth of orion is that  Queen Euryale is from the Amazons as  his mother.  Orion pass down her talent, and worldbecame the greatest hunter in the .  however orion had tons of strength came an huge self of steam, and he brag that he could catch the  best animal on earth.  In response to  his  appernce, one  small scorpion stung him and killed him there is another version of the Orion myth says that he had no mother but was a gift to a pious peasant from Jupiter,  Neptune, and Mercury.  "Orion suppose to be able to walk on water and had greater strength and body than any  other mortal.  A skilled blacksmith, he created a subterranean palace .  He also walled on the coasts  of Sicily against the  sea that was coming closer and closer and built a temple so the gods can live there  there" .   Orion fell in love with Merope, daughter of Oenopion .  Her father the king, however, would  not let orion marry his daughter after the hunter. after the hunter killed all wild beast becuse he was mad  ,



Science and Mythology are both important in helping us to understand are past, present, and future.Mythology explains what we do and why we do it. Science explains what we can find in the endless discovery of space. Science and Mythology are both important in learning what we can do with what we have to explore more of our planet and our universe.