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- leading Granite manufacturer in Madurai  



Introduction about QTF 



Quality Tiles & Floorings  - One of the leading granite manufacturer in Madurai & We are one who expertise in manufacturing & supplying all kind of Indian Granites (Various Designs) in big quantity. 


We have very experienced procurement team which enable us to fulfill customers requirements on time. We have two retail outlets & manufacturing unit. We have huge customer base throughout Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, West Bengal, New Delhi & Various other parts of India.


We start with a short discussion to identify our client’s needs. Prices & Quality assistance is available on request. 


We welcoming you to know our products.


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Sachin Garg 








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  Tanbrown Granite


Srikumlam (SK) Blue Granite


Silk-Blue Granite


Himalaiyan Blue Granite


Amidiaz Blue Granite


Flash Blue Granite


Mountain Blue Granite


Lavender Blue Granite


Sapphire Blue Granite


S-White Granite


French White Granite


Jasmine White Granite


Moon White Granite


Meera White Granite


Kuppam White Granite


Pearl White Granite


Siva Gold Granite


Black Pearl Granite


Black Galaxy Granite


Z-Black Granite


Diamond Black Granite


Black Marcino Granite


Multi Red Granite


Ruby Red Granite


Parpari Red Granite


Royal Red Granite


Tomatto Red Granite


Hassan Green Granite


Pista Green Granite


Leaf Green Granite


Flash Green Granite


Forest Green Granite


Kuppam Green Granite


Ghibli Ivory Granite


Ghibli Pink Granite


Ivory Pearl Granite


Adhunik Brown Granite


Honey Brown Granite


Coffee Brown Granite


Leather Brown Granite


Desert Brown Granite


Sapphire Brown Granite


Indian Pink Granite


Silver Sparkle Granite


Bash Paradiso -


Dark Color Granite


Bash Paradiso


Light Color - Granite


Classic Paradiso Granite


Chima Pink Granite


Dindigul Pink Granite


Royal Pink Granite


Dikato Brown Granite


Rajshree Red Granite


Dindigul Pink Granite

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