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Once there was a dove, this dove was different from all the others, it didn’t fly gracefully or try to stay out of the rain. 

No this dove flied wild and crazy and it loved flying in the rain.

One day during a thunderstorm the  dove accidentally flew away from the flock. It searched and searched but he couldn’t find his flock. 

He decided flying closer to the ground would be better idea. But as soon as he started  he heard a loud CRASH of thunder he lost his balance and flew straight into a pole.

The next day a girl was walking past and when she saw the the dove she immediately grabbed him and ran back to her house. At her home she finds her father who drives the young girl and the dove to the vet.

Once they arrived and went inside and the vet greeted them and led them into a large room full of strange medical equipment. She took the dove and started examining it with lots of weird equipment. 

Finally she came to the conclusion that the dove had a broken wing, so that it wouldn’t be able to fly for a while. They thanked the vet and drove back to their house. When they arrived her dad said “ Well I guess that means we can look after him for a while”.

So everyday the young girl fed the dove and gave him fresh water and made sure he was clean. 

Soon she was taking him everywhere, to the park, the beach, to the shops and she even tried to take him to school.

They dove and the young girl bonded alot while the dove’s wing was healing but eventually the dove’s wing healed and he was able to fly again.

 So on a day when the sun was high up in the sky the young girl took the dove outside and she told it to fly away so it reluctantly flew off.

The young girl grew sad she made lots of memories with the dove like that time when she had tried to sneak him into school but the teacher caught her. 

She hadn’t wanted the dove to leave but her father told her it was for the best not that she understood that anyway. 

For the next few weeks after the young girl finished school she would come home and sit in her front yard hoping that she would see the dove.

One day after school the young girl was waiting on front yard as usual when saw a blur of white and suddenly the dove was sitting in front of her. The young girl burst into tears as she grabbed the dove and started hugging it.

After she recovered she ran to her father with the dove in her arms. When her father saw the dove, he looked into his daughters pleading and he said “well I guess that means we can look after him for a while but” that was all she heard before she ran with the dove out of the room into the garden with a huge smile spread across her face.