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Nina Paley, Who is She?

An aspiring animator and artist.

Born May 3, 1968 

By Zane Adams 

You might be asking "Why her"? Well let me tell you. Its very interesting to see someone like this make beautiful. They have a very small popularity but they like to call their selves Americas Most Known Animator. I picked this one person because there is a difference from all the others. When I looked up famous animators, she was the only female. This lets us know both genders show equality will skill.

Why Nina Paley?

Who is Nina Paley?

Who is Nina Paley?

Nina Paley was born on May 3rd, 1968. At age 20 Nina set off on a journey to become a so called "Crystal Weilding Hippie" but instead took the spot in becoming an animator. Theres not much known about who she grew up or how her life was but there is a lot a history about the animations she makes.

Here are some very, and I mean very beautiful character designs made by Nina Paley.


All characters made by Nina Paley. All rights reserved.