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By: Kaelen Krock

Walt Disney 


I chose him because he is one of the most special and known animators. Because of his creation Disney which was very successful. I also like star wars which is part of disney studios. Also a few of his other movies that I liked were Ant-man and some marvel movies as well. So, his movies have appealed to me. I also like most marvel and all star wars movies. Also, I went to disney world in 5th grade and it was an amazing experience the rides, and the resort, were all awesome. 






Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901. Hermosa section Chicago Illinois  he began drawing when he was in high school he dropped out. To join the military but he was underage.

So, he traveled with the red cross then he dropped out and  was a newspaper artist in France 1919 which was not a success. Him and his brother later moved to Hollywood in 1924 and started getting in animation and made short films, he made Oswald the lucky rabbit, and Alice in 1929. Then he made a cartoon called Mickey Mouse. Which was an instant sensation after his other not as big cartoons then he introduced Goofy, Minnie,and Donald duck.