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We are not the only humans on the road whether we like it or not, we are also not the only lives that matter while we are on the road. DONT TEXT AND DRIVE!

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BY: Matte Clark

We as humans are becoming more and more careless about the people around us (which most would call selfish). When you are the only one on the road it is not just you out there, and you are not the only one that matters, Whatever is on your phone is more than likely not more important than people's lives around you or even your own life. IT CAN WAIT!

As of 2016 75% of teens alone have been in car crashes due to being distracted by their cell phones, and this number keeps rising. For adults the percentage is not as high but it is still bad, as humans we need to try our best to make these numbers start to decrease instead of increase in numbers.

This agency was created when cell phones started becoming a big problem while driving, it was created to warn and catch people's eyes so they would start to pay attention to others while driving and put their phones down.