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Hip Hop is poetry 
Siriam Orellana 
Gold B 

I spit in your world when I lack the breath, I invent a fatigue and I travel in the thought

*  Poemas para enamorar, poemas de enamorados o poemas de desamor son los temas más comunes en este género literario pero también hay grandes poesías que cantan a la vida, a la muerte, a la naturaleza, a la paz

*Los poemas son la forma artística por excelencia de la literatura, al menos en lo que a la poesía y a los recursos poéticos atañe

* Poem is a way to love a person.

it's just me against the world I'm only interested today I turn my back on yesterday

Nor that they eat all the Tormes will be able to conquer

I'm writing, come see my lady what I'm going t
o do

Bring water for the pencil because fire here will see.

I am only me against the world because I am alone in life and passed on to a story was real


I think that is a story based on his real life and he decided to make a tirade to ven

She felt sad and every time she left she felt feilis because she was looking for the rhymes of her life