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This is a presentation with some ideas for help the enviroment.

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How to help the enviroment?

Every day, we hear things about global warming, so, we must think how can we do for stop it. 

For example, we can recycle everything that we use. If we do this, we will help the enviroment.

Also, we must to use cloth bags instead plastic bags. The first one, can be used a lot of times and it doesn't pollute. Paper bags are also a good option, but if we use a lot of this paper bags, many trees will be cut down, so everytime that we can, we must to use cloth bags.

Also, we can have a shower instead have a bath, but, we must to turn off the tap when we don't need to use the water. If we do this, we will care the water.

Another thing that we can do is change our light bulbs for energy-salving light bulbs. If  we change our ligt bulbs, we will care energy. 

And finally, it's a good idea to ride a bike for go to work, for example, instead to travel by car. In this way, you won't pollute de enviroment. Also, if you ride a bike you will make exercise and you will be healthier.