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The AMALGAM is a custom made book of carefully selected love songs, poems and photographs that will have a deep emotional impact on your loved one. It is designed primarily for couples who are experiencing ESTABLISHED ROMANTIC LOVE. Give to make your loved one feel Loved, Special, Adored, Appreciated, Cherished, Secure and ultimately Happy. The giving of a gift is a very traditional way of saying I love you and it’s one of the ways of keeping the romance alive, particularly if the gift is unexpected and well thought out. Instead of the traditional gift, such as flowers, jewellery, etc, now is the time to give her a gift that will take her breath away, move her to tears and will be remembered and treasured for the rest of her life – the AMALGAM – it will help keep the romance very much alive. The AMALGAM is a beautiful quality book measuring 300mm x 300mm (12” x 12”) in size using 110gsm photo quality paper

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