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Micheal Morpurgo 

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August 31 1987

Dear Diary

There is water everywhere its soooo wired not seeing cars, people, houses. All I can see is pain blue sky and no clouds, the waves of the sea and every once in a while a bird. I think it brings us good luck. I especially like when the dolphins went swimming past me. today has been pretty great.

August 15 1987

Dear Diary

Everything is falling apart I don't feel like I belong here anymore. My best friend Eddie is moving down south and there is nothing I can do about it. Mum and dad are falling apart I don't know whose side i'm meant to pick mums or dads I don't know but I found mum crying outside on the steep today because of dad and him wanting to move. I don't know how I meant to help but I will try my very best to keep this family going.

November 16 1987

Dear Diary

Today has been the best memory of my trip so far. We arrived at Brazil and me and dad were playing football on the beach. After while some kids cam played with us it was pretty fun we had teams my team was named mud larks and dads named his Brazil everyone wanted to go on his team. But jokes on him we won 5-3. mum brought a video camera on the trip and been using ever since she brought it. my favourite video is when I was jumping off a rock into the ocean that day was fun.                                                                  

December 25 1987

Dear Diary

It's Christmas Day!!! i not going to write much because i be too busy opening my present but anyway I am about to wake up mum and dad by making Stella bark this is a family tradition. I am so excited to open up my presents even thou we are all the way out at sea we still make Christmas.  

October 11 1987

Dear Diary

Today has got to be one of my favorite days so far. I got to see Africa it was in the distance but mum said it was definitely Africa.  Today has been the most hottest day so far dad was really red on the face and the top of his ears were peeling. I then saw a massive sharks it was pretty big i was pretty impressed with myself for spotting that out. Me and Stella had a great time kicking the ball around but I know that one day she punched a hole in it.

September 20 1987

Dear Diary 

ah.... I'm so annoyed I really want to take the wheel but mum and dad won't let me. Anyway my family were planning on sailing 200 miles a day but in the first week we were lucky if we made fifty miles a day. I remember Barnacle Bill warned us about Bay of Biscay but I didn't realized it was going to be this bad I thought that we were going to sink I was freaking out. The Peggy sue didn't fall apart and we finally got to Spain. I am so glad my blue shorts flew off the boat I never really like them that was the highlight of my day.

September 13 1988

Dear Diary

Today I 

meet the man who put out my fire his name was kensuke he didn't speak a lot of English but i could understand a little bit anyway today was all about just getting to know him. 

September 30 1988

Dear Diary

I was so close to making the day, happened the day that I was almost going to go home I was screaming from the top of my voice but when I was about to light the fire to go home he was there kensuke he shouted at me "Dameda Dameda". He stop every thing and everything was gone.   

July 19 1988

Dear Diary

Its really creepy here I feel like I am being watched by thousands of eyes and its not a good feeling. I have been sweeped up on this beach and I don't know how I am going to get off this island I have already had a look around and it doesn't look like there is any sign of living here. Ahhhh i stuck i'm freaking out. I have found a cave it looks cosy so I decided to I am going to go search the island for food.

August 20 1988

Dear Diary

Today I tried to start a fire it was going well until....... all of a sudden there was someone putting sand on top of my fire. How rude I thought. At first I thought it was an Orangutan but as I got closer I began to hope if it was a man and as i got closer it was in my heart i was the happiest person on the earth but before I could say anything he kept shouting 'Dameda Dameda' i started to run down the beach and he started to lean on a stick like he was going to catch his breath. he said "american" finally I could understand something I said "Yes". I ran off into my cave.

October 31 1988

Dear Diary

I feel all lot better now i can actually move Kenuske ask me if i wanted to go fishing with him i said yes it was pretty fun actually i caught 2 fish. when we were on the boat kensuke told me about his family it was a pretty sad story it really struck my heart anyway he said that i was like a son to him. that made me feel a lot better

October 12 1988

Dear Diary

I am hurting so much i can feel anything it hurts to move so that's way kensuke is writing this for me. it all started when i was mad at him and (last night it was a storm) so i decided to leave the island and swim away at first it was nice but then all of a sudden i felt this weird feeling that wasn't thee before it hurt so bad i was sinking and i thought to myself that i was going to die this was the end of me. i saw one hand in the water and reach out to get it it pulled me out of the water and saved my life I was screaming  and could not fell my legs.

November 15 1988

Dear Diary

i am so happy kensuke said the next boat we see we can light a fire for your people to come. anyway goodbye i am going to search the island for wood.