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This is our new look newsleer that we will
be distribung around Zurich, with updates
being sent out each quarter.
As well as highlighng some good wins and
customer outcomes, we would like to update
you on recent developments we have made
at TS Loss Adjusng and to let you know of
any upcoming acvies we have planned.
A Spotlight On Our Civil Engineer, Kelvin Zitha Connect Plus M25 Barrier Case Study
We Want Your Unusual Claims!
Using Surveyors to Understand Claims
We connue to provide the ZAdvice service,
which oers free advice to you on any claims
with a value of £1,000.00 and under.
If you have a quote from a third party under
£1,000.00, along with images, send them
through to  and
we can give you a guide on whether the costs
are reasonable.
Following an extensive review of the market
we are delighted to have been selected by
Zuirch as their chosen supplier for the analysis
of Motor Third Party Property Damage
We would like to take this opportunity to 
Zurich and all those involved throughout
the review process. The award of a 5-year
contract represents a connuaon of the
excellent relaonship we have built over the
years with Zuirch and we look forward to
building upon this in the years to come.
We will connue to strive to deliver 
customer service on every claim instructed to
us by Zurich and welcome your involvement
and feedback across any area you believe we
can improve upon.
Having been chosen as Zurich’s preferred
supplier for Motor TPPD Claims we are
rolling out a new iniave, Partnership Days.
These will consist of a number of TS sta
aending your oces and spending the
day with you and the teams based there.
We will be holding these on a regular basis,
with each site being visited on a connuous
rotaon. We will be on hand to answer any
quesons you may have, to update you on
the latest developments at TS and to help
with any cases you need assistance on.
This will also be your opportunity to lets us
know of anything we can improve upon, from
your experience of instrucng us over the
As well as our Relaonship Manager, various
claims handlers will aend in order that
we can build relaons and enable you to
communicate with us more moving forwards.
TS Loss Adjusng
As part of our new contract we are commied to oering rewards to Zurich.
As such we have put in place the following incenves based upon the volume of instrucons you
send us.
These incenves have started as of the 1st November so send as many instrucons as possible and
we will keep you updated on the totals throughout the 12 months. Throughout the year we will be
oering prizes for milestone instrucons received. These will be as follows:
The prize will be presented to the team that the instrucon has been sent from so  
For all cases of General Impact claims we have commied to   
Moving forward, if we are unable to save at least the £149.00 fee amount, then the fee
will be reduced to the saving accordingly. For example, if we only save £50.00 the fee will be £50.00.
We believe this has provided Zurich with real security through the knowledge that we will never
increase a claimed amount through our involvement.
Claim Type
Number of Claims referred by
Zuirch in a 12 month period
Reduced Claims Handling Fee
Highways Crown Property
Damage including Network Rail
All Other Third Party Motor
Impact Claims
Fee will reduce from 18% of any saving
made to 15% of any saving made
The £149.00 Claims Handling Fee will
reduce to £140.00
100th 250th 500th 750th 1000th 1001st
A key part of our service providing over the next
5 years will focus on 
across property damage claims. We believe
that there are signicant opportunies
to reduce the indemnity spend for Zurich
through early intervenon on TPPD claims.
This will serve to improve the claims journey
for a third party and the customer sasfacon,
through an improved turnaround me.
Our proposal centres on Zurich instrucng us
as soon as a case of TPPD has been reported
by your policyholder/broker. There would be
no need to request the third party to provide
quotaons, prior to our instrucon. It would
simply be a case of informing the third party
that you are instrucng TS Loss Adjusng
and we will be in touch within one hour of us
receiving your instrucon.
The benets we can deliver through this
include the ability to cost control from the
outset, enabling us to reduce indemnity
spend. We can improve the process eciency,
reducing the me spent by you dealing with
these cases, whilst enhancing the third party
claims experience.
This is an iniave that is ongoing and we are
hopeful that we will be able to roll this out in
the New Year. Watch this space for further
Our ethos centres around the Three Cs, . We believe
this focuses every aspect of our claims handling on ensuring that the customer is treated fairly
throughout the claims journey. Each of these enables us to manage the expectaons of the claimant
throughout, ensuring that they understand why they are receiving their selement oer and the
opons available to them. We believe the Three Cs are aligned to the Zurich Rule of 3 and they assist
with 
Divisional Director
Divisional Director
Joe Silverwood
Relaonship Manager
Adam Brown
Claims Manager
Third Party Team Leader
Russell Mallinder
Technical Development
Astrid Moon
PCT Client Ambassador
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few members of the TS team. They will all be
involved throughout the journey with Zurich.
The TS Ethos
We want to hear from you!
TS Loss Adjusng
From Prize Winning Bulls to Chemcial Delivery
, we see all manner of third party
property damage claims.
Having the experience of dealing with the
unusual has enabled us to be able to handle
all manner of claims successfully.
Now we want to hear from you on the most
unusual cases you have dealt with. We will
be including the most unusual in our next
newsleer, so if you have any cases you would
like to tell us about please email the details to:
Kelvin is our Principle Civil Engineer. He has a Masters Degree in Civil
Engineering, specialising in Highways Design and Structures. As our
Senior Engineer, Kelvin is responsible for the analysis of large loss
cases. He will oen conduct site visits, liaising with the third-party
Highways contractor to arrange safe site access.
Where repairs are yet to commence, we can then enter discussions
with the contractor about the most cost appropriate way to undertake
any repairs, controlling costs and generang savings from the oset.
He is also involved in site visits where there may be structural damage
as his educaon also qualies him as a Structural Engineer which is a
great asset to have within our oce.
A Spotlight On...
Case Studies
We have seen an increase in recent claims
presented by Connect Plus whereby they are
aempng to claim for the value of full shis of
work for labour and plant used in repairs.
This full shi can compromise an 8 or 10-hour
charge and is being applied regardless of the
actual me being spent on the repairs. This has
the eect of increasing the costs considerably
and they do not represent the actual me and
cost incurred compleng the repairs. This recent
case is a prime example of this, the claim had
been presented by Connect Plus, following
damages to a crash barrier.
Upon analysis of the costs by our Civil Engineering team, it was discovered that all labour and plant
had been charged as a full 10-hour shi, however the actual works had taken less than 6 hours.
On this basis, we were able to successfully negoate a saving of £6,675.00 / 42.6% ensuring that
Zurich only incurred costs that were fair for the damages caused. Connect Plus are not the only
Highways Contractor who are presenng their claims in this manner, therefore we believe it is
imperave that every Highways Claim is assessed in detail, prior to any agreement being made.
 and  pages!
Claimed Amount: £15,675.00
 £9,000.00
Saving Amount: £6,675.00
Percent Saved: 42.6%
Case Studies
TS Loss Adjusng
Upon instrucon, the third party had
submied a quote for the repairs to their wall
for the sum of £4,690.00. We proceeded to
arrange for one of our Surveyors to aend
site, capturing these images.
Upon review, it was determined that the
quote submied by the third party included
costs for Pennant Stone.
However, our Surveyor had conrmed that it
was in fact imitaon stone in place previously
and this was therefore classed as beerment.
Through discussions with the third party our
claims consultant explained their entlement
to a like for like replacement and selement
was agreed at £2,497.00, with a saving of just
under 50%.
This demonstrates the benet of having an
inspecon of third party damage claims,
rather than relying on a desktop assessment.
A surveyor visit captures every element of the
Claimed Amount: £4,690.00
 £2,497.00
Saving Amount: £2,193.00
Percent Saved: 46.8%
Case Studies