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Our range of windows doors and conservatories

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PVC, Timber and Aluminium
from your local supplier and installer
All of our team have been fully vetted for
experience and craftsmanship so we’re
confi dent that every installation will meet our
own high expectations and exceed yours.
Our mission is to offer the very best products at the
very best prices and we pride ourselves in providing
outstanding customer service that is second to none.
Here at Valley, we’ve broken the mould when it comes
to how we sell our products and services. We truly
offer a NO OBLIGATION quotation. Your details
will NOT be sold to anyone else and you will not be
hassled with canvassing calls or emails. Whether you
require a personal visit or a quote over
the phone or via email, we will
simply give you our best price
rst time and the rest is
up to you.
With vast
high quality
products, best
possible prices
and expert
tting, you
won’t be
that you
to Valley.
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2 PVC Windows
4 Residence 9 Window
6 PVC Single Doors
8 Composite Doors
10 Colour Swatches
12 PVC Patio Doors
13 PVC French Doors
14 PVC Bi-fold Doors
16 Conservatories
18 Conservatory Roof Glass
20 Solid Conservatory Roofs
21 Hardwood Timber Windows & Doors
22 Vertical Sliders
24 Smart Architectural Aluminium
25 Secondary Glazing
26 Gallery
29 Energy Ratings
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The most technically
advanced on the market!
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Durability & Long Life
A window system designed with the benefit of
many years expertise and manufactured to last.
Smart Appearance
Fully bevelled or sculptured for a slim visual
profile and clean sight lines, looking great
inside and outside your home.
Warmth & Security
A system that will keep you and your home
snug and warm in the most severe weather
conditions, while at the same time providing it
with a high degree of security, with a modern
multi-point locking system.
Energy Savings
Energy efficient double and triple glazing
reduces your heating bills, whilst integral
gaskets and weather seals ensure draught free
comfort. See our energy certificate on page 29.
Value Added
70mm PVC Window system can add value to
your home, protecting your investment.
Choose from various styles including
Casement (the most popular British style
window) Bay Windows and Tilt & Turn
All available in a multitude of options. Choose
top or side openers, or incorporate both.
Made to measure for a perfect fit, with a
comprehensive 10 year Insurance Backed
100% Lead free.
Guaranteed for 10 years
against discolouration,
splitting, warping or cracking.
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19th Century timber window
designs with modern features
and benefi ts.
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Every Residence 9 window is made bespoke to
your requirements. You can customise everything
including the style, colour and hardware. Every
window is different.
A skilled craftsman will manufacture your
window, to your sizes and specifi cation.
The Residence 9 mechanical joints require fi nesse
and attention and can only be executed with
hand fi nishing by individuals who are masters
of their trade.
Only by replacing mass production machinery
with craftsmen can you achieve the traditional
jointing features which stand Residence 9 apart
from the modern mitred alternatives.
Residence 9 is a new window system designed
to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber
It is ideal for use in conservation areas due to
its authentic appearance. This authentic design
is also appealing to any homeowner who
wants a top end luxury window brand.
It can accommodate 28mm double or 44mm
triple glazing with market leading thermal and
acoustic performance and achieved one of the
highest classifi cations on weather test due to
its robust design. It is hand fi nished and made
by craftsmen.
Made in Britain.
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The front door is usually the
place where people get their
rst impression of your home.
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A distinctive range of top quality doors giving
high security locking and smooth operation.
Our doors have been designed to stay looking
as good as new for decades after installation.
With a guarantee on discolouration.
Want a door that’s long
lasting as well as secure?
We offer a 10-year
guarantee on materials
and workmanship.
Warmth & Security
Our PVC doors help your home stay warm and
quiet by keeping noise and draughts out.
They all offer unrivalled security with hinges
and locks that are fi tted directly to the door’s
steel reinforcement and what’s more, you can
rest assured they won’t rot, fl ake, rust or fade.
In fact, all you need to do to keep them looking
perfect is give them an occasional wipe with a
damp cloth.
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We provide the very
nest composite doors
in the market today.
Image © Solidor
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Put simply, our composite doors are packed
with features and market fi rsts that aren’t
available on any other door on the market.
All of our doors are
made in Britain and all
include an insurance
backed 10-year guarantee.
High Quality Features
Unique colours, exclusive high security
hardware and beautiful features are just
some of the reasons why our doors are
market leaders.
18 Colours Inside & Out
Unique 48mm Solid Core Door
Chamfered or Sculptured Door Frames
Exclusive Door Furniture
The Most Secure Locking System
We have a huge range of doors to choose from
all of which can be viewed with our extensive
composite door brochure, please ask for details.
Image © SolidorImage © Solidor
Choose from over 10,400 colour options.
All of our fantastic designs are available in any of our 18 colours
inside and / or outside of the door, including industry fi rsts,
Mocha, Rich Aubergine, Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue, French
Grey and Irish Oak.
Plus: also available in Black, Grey, Cream, Rosewood, Irish Oak,
Chartwell Green, Golden Oak, Foiled White and matching frames.
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All Images © Solidor
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Premium Range
Anthracite Grey
Luxury Range
Rich Aubergine
Standard Range
Luxury Range
Irish Oak
Luxury Range
Luxury Range
Chartwell Green
Premium Range
Golden Oak
Standard Range
Luxury Range
French Grey
Standard Range
Premium Range
Luxury Range
Duck Egg Blue
Premium Range
Premium Range
Standard Range
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Enhance your home
with our Patio doors.
Whether you’re looking for a brand new patio door to provide better access to your
garden, or you’re looking for a replacement door, you’ll be amazed at how different
our stunning patio range is from the other doors on the market.
You’ll be struck by ergonomic design, the effortless opening mechanism, the smooth
motion and the noiseless glide. Fitted with our revolutionary multi-wheeled ‘air glide’
system, our sliding patio door is perfectly balanced as it moves along its track.
The built-in brushes gently sweep away any minor debris each time to door is closed,
aiding its silent action and helping it to maintain effi cient operation. With fully
sculptured sightlines providing a beautiful fi nish, our patio door’s ultra-slim sightlines
ensure you enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in your home.
Available in a wide range of colour options including standard White, Cream,
Rosewood, Light-Oak and Irish Oak. Patio doors are also available in a range of
bespoke colours including Grey, Black and Chartwell Green.
Our range of French doors offers an alternative
to Patio or Bi-folding doors and are ideal where
the aperture size is more limiting.
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Offering a more traditional alternative to patio or bi-fold doors,
our stunning range of PVCu French doors come with the same
high specifi cation and colour options as our window range - just
as you’d expect.
Available in either ‘open in’ or ‘open out’ style to suit your
living space and provide your home with a beautiful and secure
entrance - complete with a range of patented low and ultra low
threshold options.
Colour Options
Our French doors
are available in a
wide range of colour
options including
standard White, Cream,
Rosewood, Light-Oak
and Irish Oak, as well
as a range of bespoke
colours including Grey,
Black and Chartwell
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Add an extra dimension to your home
with our bespoke Bi-Folding Doors
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Imagine being able to open up an entire wall of
your room, bringing the outdoors indoors and
bringing a whole new dimension to entertaining
at home.
Our bi-fold door was the fi rst
bespoke PVCu bi-fold on the
market - and still is the best!
Add to that being one of the most energy effi cient
bi-folding door on the market, helping to keep
energy bills lower, and you can see why our bi-fold
is a more cost-effective choice.
Bespoke Design
Our bi-fold is the only PVCu range with a completely
smooth opening and closing action, slimline frames,
bespoke hinges and locks, together with a choice of
styles, colours, pane combinations and handles - and
our registered design low threshold opening for
family-friendly or wheelchair access.
The bi-folding door range comes in a huge range
of opening confi gurations so you can be sure
of getting the right one for your home - from a
2-pane to a 7-pane door.
Now available with patented ModLok™ locking
mechanism for extra security and additional strength
by seamlessly combining the door’s reinforcement
with the lock, your bi-fold door will provide the
highest levels of security for your home. Featuring
integral shoot bolts, with opposing hooks, anti-bump
and anti-snap functionality your ModLok™ door
will help your home stay as safe as… well, houses!
Colour Options
Available in a wide range of colour options including
standard White, Cream, Rosewood, Light-Oak,
and Irish Oak, bi-fold doors are also available in
a range of bespoke colours including Grey, Black
and Chartwell Green.
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Design a perfect place with
space and light, extend and
add value to your home.
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You need extra living space for you and your
family. But with so many options out there,
how do you decide what’s best for your needs?
Did You Know…?
You don’t usually need planning permission for
a conservatory (subject to limits and conditions).
Your conservatory is highly likely to boost
the market value of your property.
Your conservatory gives you an extra room
to use all year round.
Your conservatory is individually designed
and built to meet your exact needs.
You can choose coloured or wood-grain effect
frames – although white is available too!
Cutting Edge Technology
Using the latest technology to bring you the most
energy effi cient glazed roof system in the UK
today, our roof system matches perfectly with its
huge range of windows and doors.
Whether you want to create a bright study, a
kitchen extension, a family room, a dining room or
a garden room that opens right up in the summer,
our range has something to suit your lifestyle.
With our team of designers constantly looking to
enhance the product beyond its already extremely
high standards, our roof is one of the best
products on the market. Designed to look fantastic
in any of the standard shapes of Victorian,
Edwardian, P-Shaped or in a Lean-to, or in a
bespoke shape of your choosing, we offer a range
of other great features.
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Our conservatory roof glass range offers
you a choice of four attractive tints all
with low maintenance self cleaning.
Each glass tint offers its own combination of solar control and glare reduction
properties as well as an individual character to suit your own. Our roof glass
keeps your room cooler in the summer environment and warm and cosy in the
winter months.
Valley Home Improvements / 19
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Our self cleaning Conservatory Roof Glass is available in Blue, Green, Neutral and
Bronze, each pleasant with the colours relaxing and in attractive in appearance to
complement both your interior and the surrounding natural tones of your garden.
Benefi ts:
Each colour has its own heat refl ection benefi ts as follows:
BLUE Heat Refl ection 68% | Reduced Glare 52% | U Value 1.0w
GREEN Heat Refl ection 79% | Reduced Glare 68% | U Value 1.0w
NEUTRAL Heat Refl ection 70% | Reduced Glare 62% | U Value 1.0w
BRONZE Heat Refl ection 66% | Reduced Glare 57% | U Value 1.0w
Energy Effi cient Glass
Combining our self cleaning glass with our
4S range of energy effi cient glass helps to
reduce the need for additional heating
and cooling, making conservatories more
comfortable whilst protecting the environment
and saving you money.
Low Maintenance
Self-cleaning glass means windows need less
frequent cleaning making it ideal for hard
to reach places, such as conservatory roofs.
The permanent self-cleaning coating stays on
the glass for the lifetime reducing the time and
cost of cleaning and the hydrophilic action stops
droplets forming meaning clear vision through
the window, even when it’s raining.
All our range of glass tints are available
to view on request.
Blue glass Green glass Neutral glass Bronze glass
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Solid conservatory roofs are ideal, cost
effective, lightweight alternative to traditional
clay and concrete type roof coverings.
Solid Roof Features
Benefi t from these great solid roof features:
10 years manufacturer warranty
Superb ‘U’ Value as low as 0.18Wm
achieving building regs requirement
Timber construction, to eliminate all condensation risks, and making it a true
warm roof construction
Traditional structural roofi ng grade timbers with engineered “I beams”
and Glulam providing incredible strength, durability and insulation
British or European roofi ng grade certifi ed timbers
Wide range of tiles and slates to suit most
existing properties
All timber, combats condensation in a way
that similar aluminium structures can’t
Weatherproof in less than 1 hour
(for a typical size) from installation
of the eaves beam
All roofs pre-built in
the factory
Suitable for new build, car ports, fl at roof conversions and the replacement of
existing conservatory roofs that have polycarbonate or glass coverings.
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Here at Valley we provide only the
best Hardwood Timber products,
available in casement and sliding sash.
Our windows are a great choice for traditional properties,
offering character, whilst not losing out on thermal
effi ciency, with A Rated products and the very latest top
specifi cation glass. Choose from Meranti or Oak.
Available in a multitude of colours to suit your property.
Further details available on request.
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Traditional styling with modern benefi ts
Great care has been taken to retain the distinctive
styling of traditional sash windows, whilst providing
all the benefi ts of modern technology. Our Vertical
Slider offers superior thermal ef ciency, cutting
fuel bills and reducing your home’s carbon
footprint. With excellent weathering performance
and ventilation, our Vertical Slider is fully approved
and certifi ed to appropriate British standards.
Product features at a glance
Low-maintenance PVC-U profi les with
traditional styling
Caldwell balance mechanism ensures
smooth operation
Balance UK hardware with
high-security option
Tilt-open facility to both sashes for
ease of cleaning
Operational moulded or through-horn
details for traditional appearance
Optional Georgian bar
Deep bottom rail option
Choice of cill sizes
When choosing replacement vertical sliding sash
windows the architecture of your home and the
location, style and purpose of its rooms are all key
Our sliding sash windows will transform any home,
whether a traditional period property or a modern
city residence.
Whilst our products meet all demands of modern
living, our meticulous approach to producing these
Heritage windows lies rooted in the past. Sliding
sash windows are an ideal solution for conservation
areas and their authentic design will appeal to
Our Vertical Slider is an authentic looking sash
window and combines all the benefi ts of high-
performing modern materials and functionality
with period character and design.
Precision-engineered PVC-U frames provide superior
strength, thermal protection and weathering
performance, and with minimum maintenance they
will retain their appearance year after year.
The polyamide material provides very high resistance to heat transfer from
the inner face of a frame (i.e. inside a room) to the external face of a frame
(i.e. outside) The thermally broken frames provide homeowners with windows
and doors that have distinct advantages.
Alitherm or Duotherm windows and doors have been designed to reduce heat
loss by the use of thermally broken aluminium frame with polyamide bridge.
Strength and Durability...
are provided by the use of Aluminium sections which gives
structurally sound windows and doors for your peace of mind.
Warmth and Comfort...
are benefi ts enjoyed by homeowners because Alitherm or
Duotherm windows and doors are thermally effi cient and
contribute to a reduction in cost of heating bills.
Elegant Slim Sightlines...
are features of our windows and
doors which are enhanced by an
ovolo, chamfered or square
profi le edge appearance.
Additionally, homeowners
have a dual colour option
which means having a
choice of fi nishes and
colours externally and
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Designed to conserve warmth and energy.
Valley Home Improvements / 25
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Secondary Glazing involves adding
another slim-line window in addition
to your existing windows.
It is a cost effective and ef cient method of insulating & sound proofi ng your
windows. By fi tting our Secondary Glazing you could save around 10% on your
heating bills. The Energy Saving Trust states that it is an ‘ideal solution if you are
unable to replace your existing windows with double glazing’.
Secondary glazing is perfect for use in Listed Buildings and conservation areas.
Made from strong light weight aluminium, it can be made to be very slim and
discreet. Considered a reversible change, secondary glazing is recommended by
English Heritage and the Listed Property Owners Club.
Available in various colours to suit your home.
Some examples
of our work.
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Our Energy Plus range
offers greater energy
ef ciency for homes.
The uniquely designed multi-chambered
systems prevent cold air from the outside
getting in and coupled with incredibly
high performing double or triple glazed
sealed units, they out perform the
highest energy performance standards
currently in existence.
Energy Plus windows and doors are
making a real impact of keeping energy
usage and costs down, which means
they are already environmentally
friendly products, but add in the fact
that the PVCu is entirely lead free in its
composition, and that all other elements
are designed to be easily recycled at the
end of their lifetime, you can rest assured
that when you choose Energy Plus
windows and doors, you are choosing
truly environmentally friendly products.
Energy rating dates correct at time of print.
Energy Plus is a
fantastic range of
products, which benefi t
from being the most
thermally effi cient
products of their type
on the market.
Our triple glazed energy
rated windows
Our double glazed energy
rated windows
Contact us
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doors or maybe a conservatory?
Our team are here to provide advice and show you a wide
range of products to enhance your home and lifestyle.
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