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Snow Day Surprise


Luke Perez & Nicholas Nguyen

One chilly winter day, an 8-year old boy named Bobby and his twin sister Jackie took a small peek outside. “It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” they cried aloud. The twins quickly went upstairs to put on their wonderfully warm winter clothes.


“Swoosh” as the door flew open. They raced out of the house like speeding cheetahs and dove into the sugary billows of white. “Snow!” shouted Bobby as Jackie rolled about the frosted ground.


“What should we do first, Bobby?” asked Jackie anxiously. Bobby soon suggested that they should go build a snowman. They happily rolled up huge boulders of tightly packed snow, one snowball at a time. After they tried to put the pieces of the snowman together, all of the pieces came tumbling to the ground.


Bobby and Jackie left their failed snowman experiment and wandered through the frozen woods. They walked around the crystal glass pond in search of something else to do. Suddenly, Jackie thought of an idea.


“Hey, let's go ice skating.” she said, “The pond is frozen.”


“I don’t know if that is a good idea,” said Bobby, “What if the ice breaks?”


“Actions speak louder than words,” said Jackie, “I bet that the ice is as thick as that tree trunk over there. I’m sure it will hold us!”


“If you say so.” said Bobby skeptically. 


The twins put on their ice skates and headed off to skate. They were having the time of their lives doing figure eights around the pond.


“My feet are killing me!” said Bobby. As soon as they got tired of skating, they took off their ice skates and headed off to find other things to do in the snow.


The twins continued through the frozen woods on a quest to find other activities to do in the snow. Bobby scooped up a small pile of snow in his hands. He curled the snow in his hands into a ball then tossed the snowball into the air. The snowball came down and hit Jackie on the head. Then another snowball hit both of the siblings.


Snowball fight!” they yelled. They quickly ran to two mounds of white frosting and started to make more snowballs.


“Splat” Bobby threw the first snowball and hit Jackie on the back.


Snowballs flew through the air hitting the twins. Then, Bobby threw one fast snowball. The snowball hit Jackie in the face.


“Achoo!” Jackie, who was cold to the bone, sneezed.


“You’re going to get a fever!” said Bobby, “Let’s take you home.” “Freezing flakes are flying in your face.”


Bobby took his freezing sister back to the warm, comforting place called home.


As the twins were heading home, they recalled all the fun activities that they had done for the day. Remembering their failed attempt to build a snowman that crumpled to the ground, they suddenly saw a huge snow fort standing before them!


“Wow!” they gasped. Every single piece of snow that the twins had touched during the day had somehow, miraculously built itself into an enormous ever-growing mound of winter frosting.


They saw that the fort was made up of various snow parts from their day's many activities. The pieces from the snowman were the outer walls. The snowballs that they had thrown at each other formed the fort's decorative roof.  Their ice skates and chunks of ice became the door, an entrance into the magical world.


They stared at their creation in awe and wonder. They decided to explore inside the fort. The tired twins walked around their hideaway made of snow and smiled. Exhausted from their full day of fun, the twins slowly drifted into dreamland.