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Participants workbook for BRIEF I: Foundations of Brief Coaching (July 2014)

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BRIEF COACHING 1: Foundations of Brief Coaching

Participants Playbook 

About Brief Coaching


Solution Focused Brief Coaching offers a respectful approach
of working with people that builds intrinsic values (confidence, motivation, and clarify) to facilitate strategic thinking and action in managing change.


Some benefits of Solution Focused Brief Coaching include:

  • Maximizes appreciative influence of communication among people at work,
  • Builds confidence and trust in collaborative work team to perform at a higher level,
  • Equips leaders and managers to facilitate positive rapport and outcome effectively in a tight timeframe, and 
  • Increases acceptance of responsibility in collaborative decision-making and progress evaluation

Learning Process  

During the workshop, the participants will:

  • Be introduced to the key principles of the solution focused brief practice and understand how it can be used in brief interactions
  • Meet and work with other participants in sharing resources, practicing tools and techniques, and building working relationships
  • Experience hands-on practice using a variety of coaching tools and techniques that can be used informally and formally
  • nIdentify coaching moments that occur in day-to-day work
  • Learn how to practice appreciative listening, ask SCORE questions, and exchanging constructive and creative feedback
  • Be introduced to the SCORE model of brief coaching, and practice in a safe peer-coaching setting

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this module, the participants will:

  • Be familiar with and able to apply the core skills of solution focused brief coaching tools with people in workplace situations
  • Be able to identify coaching moments and optimize opportunities to grow helpful rapport with others
  • Be able to facilitate goal setting process and help others gain confidence and clarity in managing transitions
  • Be able to conduct a solution-focused initial interview, a follow-up conversation, and a feedback and evaluation for people they work with

solution focused brief coaching process

solution focused brief coaching process