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 Religon Project

   By:Gabi Rini





Ichthys/Fish                        Trinity


This was the first known                The trinity is one of the

Christian Symbol. This was              most important symbols

a symbol that represented              in Christianity. The three

that you were one of Jesus’s           parts in the trinity are

followers. It means fish                  the father, son, and holy

and is said that it was                     spirit. These are all parts

used as a secret symbol                   of god.




This is one of the most popular symbols

in Christianity. This represents Christianity

and most people know it as the thing that

Jesus died on.




Christianity is one of the few very popular religions, practiced all over the world. This religion is monotheistic. I know this because monotheistic means having a belief in only one god, and when you are a Christian, you only believe in God.


This religion was established in 1 A.D., when Jesus died and people started to believe that he would come back. The religion started in Judea which is present day Israel. You worship Christianity in some sort of church.


The 12 Apostles started Christianity along with Jesus himself. They did this by going all over the world and telling everyone that Jesus would come again. People who believed in this were called Christians. Christians worship God. God is there only God.


Christians only sacred book is the Bible. In the Bible are all of the scriptures and stories from the beginning of the world, until the end of the world and what will happen.







The holiday that is probably the most favorite of many Christians is Christmas! The Christmas holiday is celebrated on December 25 which is the day that Jesus was born.

This was important because this was  God's only son. Jesus was supposed to make life better for us and help make the world a better place, and thats exactly what he did.



One tradition for this holiday is going to church on December 25 to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is very important to Christians because this was the day that was the day, Jesus the savior, came on Earth.


Another tradition is giving presents to one another as a sign that Jesus got “presents” ( basically they were offerings to the new king). The three kings started this tradition. The three kings were three kings that saw a star in the sky that was not on the diagrams of the stars. They realized that there was a new king born, because in a prophecy, it said that when a new star is in the sky, a new king shall be born.



Another tradition for this holiday is putting out a manger scene. In this scene it focuses where Jesus was born, in the manger. Usually, it is the scene where the 3 kings are giving their gifts to Jesus. Inside the manger there is Jesus is in a basket with cloth inside of it, Mary and Joseph beside it, and all of the animals surrounding them. Sometimes, there is even the star and an angel above the manger.





One of the many ceremonies in Christianity is baptism. Most of the time, baptism occurs when you are a baby, around 1 year old. However, baptism can happen anytime in ones life. For example, if an adult decides to become a Christian later in life, they would be baptized into the Christian Religion.


Christians believe that all people are born with what is called, the “original sin.”  The original sin occurred when Adam and Eve picked the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden.  Baptism symbolically washes away this original sin and cleanses the person being baptized. Even  Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the waters of the Jordan River.

Rites of Passage / Ceremonies


Dharma Wheel


This is one of the oldest symbols

of buddhism. It represents Buddhism.

It is also called one of the eight auspicious

symbols. The symbol is most often gold

with a design in the center circle like this-



Zen Circle


The Zen Circle is a very popular

symbol representing the entire

universe. It is very simple but is

surprisingly very hard to paint.




This the most well known of all

of the Buddhist symbols. It is

also one of the 8 Auspicious

Symbols. The Lotus is one of

the most important images in faith.

Festival of Floating Bowls


The Festival Of Floating Bowls is one of the many Buddhist holidays. It is celebrated at the end of the Kathin Festival Season when the rivers and canals are full of water in all parts of Thailand. It is on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month. It usually falls in November.


This holiday was originally celebrated as a Thanksgiving Ceremony to the Ganges River. Now, it is celebrated to honor Lord Buddha. In this holiday, you float a candle raft down a river, and the raft is supposed to carry away your sins. It also is showing respect for the river goddess, Phra Mae Khongkha.

There are many traditions for this holiday. One includes putting a candle raft in the water to show respect for Buddha. Also it carries away your sins. Another tradition is cutting your fingernails and hair and putting it on the raft as a sign that you are breaking away from the negative things of yourself.


Buddhist Funeral Rites


Buddhists follow the Indian Custom of burning the body at death. This started because Buddha’s body was cremated. When someone in a Burmese home is dying, monks come to comfort them and chant verses to them.


When a person dies and while the dead person is being prepared for the funeral fire, the Monks will keep chanting to help the dead persons good energies to be released from their fading personality.


The family goes to the funeral along with the monks. Both family and their friends give food and candles to the monks. Through these gifts, goodwill is created and is believed to help the lingering spirit of the dead person.


Other funeral rites include a bathing ceremony in which family and friends pour water over one hand of the dead. The body is placed in a coffin, and surrounded by candles, wreaths, and sticks of incense. Sometimes the cremation is held off for a week so relatives from far away can attend or to show special honor to the dead.


Rites of Passages/ Ceremonies

Buddhism is a very interesting religion. Buddhism is not monotheistic or polytheistic because there isn’t a personal god as in Christianity, Judaism or Islam. It is rather a spiritual path based on the teachings of Buddha.


Buddhism was established in the 6th Century B.C. and created by the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. It started in India and has traveled to China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia Laos, etc. It also has traveled to the United States and parts of Europe. It is said that its population is over 500 million.


People today usually worship at home. They usually have a home shrine where they worship. In that area of their house, there are candles, images or statues of the Buddha, and offerings such as flowers. They do not worship a god in the traditional sense, but the foundation of Buddhism is following the teachings of Buddha. Each person is responsible for his or her own spiritual awakening.

There isn’t one “holy book” for Buddhism. There are scriptures and religious texts that some are book length. Because there are different types of Buddhism there are a variety of scriptures and religious texts considered to be sacred.


Currrent Event

Vesak Day- Click Here


Vesak day is the day that they celebrate the Buddha’s birth. This year, they are doing something very helpful to their fellow furry friends. They decided that on that day, they would do many fundraisers for many different abandoned animals. They put over 30 abandoned dogs in an adoption shelter. This is very important because to Buddhists, helping things live is very important to the religion.  They gave animals a chance to live, rather than die.



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