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Dear Valued Customers; Since acquiring the company in 2008, we have worked tirelessly to fulfill the requirements that make doing business with ISSA Corporation completely satisfying for each and every one of our clients; And here are the specific actions we've taken to make this possible:  By building a united and highly dedicated team that puts interpersonal relationships at the forefront of business operations, we have acquired a reputation for excellence on the Egyptian and Arabian markets.  By developing our personnel’s expertise and establishing innovative systems, we offer the best prices in the industry.  By making our clients’ credibility – and that of their clients – our greatest responsibility, we have reached a level of trustworthiness that is the envy of the industry.  By changing our work policy to be “Help the customers to achieve success.  By enforcing rigorous and disciplined management of business practices, ISSA Corporation has become a success story that be told by our customers and partners.  By respecting our commitments, we have created the most trustworthy transportation and Logistics Company. Here are my commitments to the future: everyday, invest all of our human, physical and financial resources in finding solutions so that you can always depend on ISSA Corporation.

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