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Scientists of the scientific revolution



 Nicolaus Copernicus 

Nicolaus Copernicus is most well known for Heliocentrism, or heliocentricism, is the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun at the center of the Solar System.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is most well known for the scientific method, which is the foundation of modern scientific inquiry.


Isaac Newton


Issac newton was most famous for discovering several laws and theories of physics and motion that are collectively known as Newton's Laws.

ambroise paré 

"I dressed him, and God healed him."

Ambroise Pare is famous for designing artifical limbs and artifical eye,  he also discovered a great medical discovery, during the seige of Turin he was a doctor so when the soliders came back with gunshot wounds he would seal off the wounds with boiling oil, when Pare ran out of oil he used simple dressings and soothing ointment then he saw the improved conditions of his patients.


John Napier is a mathematician during the scientific revolution. He is most famous for creating Logarithms. 

John Napier