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Protecting Our Planet.

By: Morgan Markowicz

The Earth Is Beautiful.

There are many ways that we can protect the Earth. We can use less water, switch from newspapers to online news, stop wasting toothbrushes and toothpaste, recycle plastic bottles, stop using so much shampoo and hair gel, and recycle old devices. These are only some ways that we can make the Earth beautiful.

The first way that we can protect the Earth is to use less water. This is impacting the Earth because each person uses 1,277,043 gallons of water in their life. This water is being taken from water creatures' habitats. I can reduce my consuption of water by setting a timer for 5-10 minutes and put it on when I get into the shower. When it rings, I have to get out of the shower. I can also turn the water off when I am brushing my teeth.

As you can see using less water can help our carbon footprint that we leave on the Earth increase majorly. This chart shows exactly how much water we use.

The second way that we can protect our Earth is by switching from newspaper to online news. Even though we would be using a machine more, we would cut down on the amount of trees that are being cut down in order to make newspapers. I can ask my dad to stop buying newspapers and start using the computer more for news. 

The third way that we can protect our planet is by using less toothpaste and toothbrushes. This is impacting the Earth because each person will use 389 tubes of toothpaste and 156 toothbrushes in our life. This creates waste. If we cut down to switching our toothbrush only if the bristles fall out or something happens to it where it cannot be used anymore, we will save a lot of plastic. As for the toothpaste, you should not use a big glop of it everyday. Only spread a little on the brush each use.

The fourth way that we can help protect our planet is by recycling plastice bottles. In your lifetime you will use and throw away 198 plastic bottles of shampoo and 35 bottles of hair gel. I can cut down on this use by only using a dime-sized drop of shampoo in my hair when I shower. I do not use hair gel, but my dad does, so I can tell him to recycle his bottles when he is done. I will also be recycling my shampoo bottles.

The final way that we can help protect the Earth is by recycling old devices. This can help protect the Earth because most cell phone devices have parts that are not easily reachable to get. You would have to go to Africa. We are destroying so much of their land by doing this. If you recycle your old cell phones and computers, we can help reduce the destruction of these natural habitats. I will be recycling my old computers and cell phones.

As you can see, ther are many ways that we can protect the Earth. Using less water will decrease the amount of water a person uses in their life. Switching from newspapers to online news will help save the amount of trees that we are cutting down. Using less toothbrushes and toothpaste each month will help to lessen the waste we produce. Recycling our shampoo and hair gel bottles will also help cut down the waste. Recycling old electronics will also help our carbon footprint. Because we get so much of the parts from forests, animals and some people lose their habitats. So, think about how much you are using before you use it.