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         "Your in Good Hands with Carter"

  "Your in Good Hands with Carter"

   Brooklyn Carter


     Brooklyn Carter was born April 9, 1980, and lived in San Fracisco, California. When she was young she lived withwith her brother, Joey and two parents, Don Douglas  and Caroline Douglas. Brooklyn loved sports and nature.



   In high school she went to Lowell and for college she went to Standford where she was validictorian. After 4 years at Stanford she decided to become a veterian so, she went to get her degree at Davis school of Veternarian.  She got her masters degree in Microbiology, Genetcis and Pyhsics.



  Later she became the Senator of California. Then after she wanted help the country so she stopped being a senator and wanted to be the president.




  Now she is 36 and is married to James Carter and has 3 kids, Hazel  Carter, Jade Carter and Evan Carter. She also has 2 dogs and a Parakeet.








Snap Shot Bio

Because people have been getting hurt from games, Brooklyn Carter thinks that we should have stricter gun control. 



She wants taxes to decrease so people can get what they need to live healthey.



Brooklyn Beleives that we should move away from Fossil Fuels and start to head tword renewable energy because we are running out of Fossil Fuels 



She thinks that everone should have a fair education and the tax money should go to public schools.



We should spend money on are military so are country dosn't fall apart 


      She loves Animals.

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                                       She enjoys cooking.

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 She has always loved Social Studies.




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                                                                   She loves staying fit.




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 She loves little kids.