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BOOK 34  What Are These Giraffes Eating   Text by Judy Tuer
What are these giraffes eating for their dinner  They are eating leaves.
What are these snails eating for their dinner  They are eating leaves too.
What are these squirrels eating  They are eating nuts. Yum, yum.
This bat is not eating nuts. It is eating fruit.
What is this mouse eating  It is not eating fruit. It is eating a seed.
These cows are eating grass. They don   t like to eat nuts or fruit.
What are these children having for their lunch  They are eating leaves, nuts, fruit and seeds.
This girl is eating a seed from a flower     or is she   What do you think
KEYWORDS INTRODUCED  their, they KEYWORDS REVISED  and, are, do, don   t, for, from, having, is, it, like, not, or, she, t...
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