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I’m so glad you decided to apply to Virginia Union University! Completing the steps below will
nalize your application process! Your application will be reviewed and an admission decision will
be determined.
Step 1: Save and print this packet.
This packet contains your required Ofcial Document Request, your application as
submitted, and these instructions. Its important that you keep these materials for
your records.
Step 2: Deliver the Ofcial Document Request to your counselor.
Please take your Ofcial Document Request (from this packet) to your counselor
as soon as you can. Ask your counselor to submit the necessary materials as soon
as possible.
Step 3: Make sure to send us your test scores.
You can request ACT to send us scores at (our code is 4428); for SAT scores,
go to (our code is 5862).
I look forward to reviewing your application!
Kristie L. White '98
Director of Enrollment Management
P.S. Please visit us here to schedule a campus visit. Talk to students, take a tour of our residence halls
and academic buildings, and have lunch in our dining hall. The minute you step on campus, youll
feel a sense of belonging that will remind you why you applied to VUU. Call 804-342-3570 to
schedule a tour!
1500 North Lombardy Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220
Katlin Roberts
To complete your application, please sign and date this request and deliver it to your school counselor
immediately. That way, we can give you our fastest admission decision.
I waive my right to review or access letters and statements of recommendation written on my behalf.
By signing below, I grant my high school permission to release my ofcial high school transcript(s)
to Virginia Union University.
Student release and waiver status:
Upload the documents now.
For your convenience, you can send documents electronically right now with SENDedu,
a secure document transfer service with more than 128,000 accounts. Simply go to, enter the student PIN below and create an account (if you havent already).
Student PIN:
Or you may fax or mail documents:
Fax Number: 804-342-3511
Mailing Address: Virginia Union University, Office of Enrollment Management
1500 North Lombardy Street, Richmond, VA 23220
Your student referenced above has just submitted an application for admission to Virginia Union
University. Please take a moment to send us the following document(s) at your earliest convenience:
Ofcial high school transcript(s)
O D R
Thank you for your prompt attention in submitting these documents.
11/16/2016 09:06
Katlin Roberts
Katlin Roberts
Chester, VA 23831-7322
16113 Santana St