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How do Hydrothemal Vents affect Undersea Animals?

       By: AJ 


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hydrothermal vents~4

what animals are affected~5

tube worms~6



Hydrothermal vents are found in the ocean, yes? Well, what else do you know? I'm here to tell you.


 Hydrothermal vents can be very cool. The words "hydrothermal vent" have a well put together meaning. "Hydro" meaning water, "thermal" meaning heat, and "vent" meaning where somthing is let out. This means that "hydrothermal vent" means a place where heated water is let out. Makes sense, seeing that that is exactly what it is.

So, what kind of animals can take the heat? Well, they would have to have  special adaptations. Like, high tolorance to heat and  hard outer shell. The giant tube worm fits the job perfectly!


 Hydrothermal vents are homes to a 


species of worm called giant tube 


worms. Giant tube worms may look 


like coral, but they are animals.

In conclusion, only few species of animals can live on hydrothermal vents. They can do this because of their plant-like adaptations. 


Thanks for reading!