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The life become like a dream everything you see but not everything that the world give you are beautiful things that we have to love , Damn right I Like the life I Life no heat , Wonder why Christmas Missed us . no matter what I go every day , the world will make a mix tame  , You're my love  without the thing that make my life smile but you know the thing you're been my everything. 

I cry tears of emerald silence

I shed glass through the windows to my soul

I dream about blood, about violence

About faces in miserable shades of coal

I dare not show you my darkness

As I know you would gape in disbelief

I dare not reveal that I’m contrasted

Against your sunken sighs of relief

I cannot show you the shades of my heart

I cannot explain to you my life

How I have the ability to make you laugh

To hide my pain contained in strife

But I love that you will never know me

Or enter the places in my mind

That your conscience will not allow you to see

That to which you have always been blind

I've never had heavier shoulders

From carrying the pain of others

But like the life I live

Winning has'not ever really mattered

My philosophical blows and ethically strikes on peoples minds

Doesn't help me go to sleep

And the pain clutching my heart

Is getting closer to killing me

What are flowers to a flame?

Made ash by unpredicted rain...

If metaphors could inspire deaths

We wouldn't have to cry anymore

Why care for anything?

In a world where liars disguise themselves as friends

Were promised nothing

But assume there's peace and happiness in the end

I've strained my eyes for the last time

Hoping for a glance at "Peace"

And I've made my mind up

The world...

Has got the best of me