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Some similar occupations

  • Physician or surgeon
  • Medical scientist

What does someone in this career do?

  • Examine animals and diagnose health problems

  • Treat and dress wounds

  • Perform surgery on animals

  • Test for and vaccinate against diseases

  • Prescribe medication

How do you become someone in this career?

Someone who wants to become a vet must finish a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at an accredited college. It usually takes 4 years to get and includes classroom, laboratory, and hospital skills. Veterinarians must be licensed to work.


What is the work environment?

A lot of vets work in private clinics. Other veterinarians have to travel to farms, work in laboratories or classrooms. It can be very stressful to be a vet, because they deal with sick animals and their anxious owners. The workplace can be noisy from all of the animals.


Pay: $88,490 a year

Entry-level education: Doctoral or professional degree

On the job training: None

Job outlook: 9% (higher than most)