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 Hiawatha and the peacemaker

by Andy

Once upon a time, there was a person named Hiawatha. Hiawatha’s village was smashed and on fire. He knew his village was destroyed by the evil chef Tadodaho. After that, Hiawatha went in the forest.


After Hiawatha entered the forest saw he saw a white stone kayak coming toward him. When the kayak came, a person came out. When the person got to Hiawatha, then the

person said stumbly,” I am the peacemaker”




The peacemaker said,”there shall be no fighting. from now on only peace.”

After he said,” Will you join me on my quest.”

Hiawatha agreed to travel with him.




After the Peacemaker brought Hiawatha to his place to talk about his loss. Then they went on their journey. They now have united three tribes. They now have to go to Tadodaho’s tribe.



After Hiawatha and the peacemaker got to Tadodaho’s tribe they could see the pythons in his hair, the scales on his skin, and he was all bent over. then we thought of a cure for Tadodaho.


They put some plants and herbs to make a cure for Tadodaho. After Tadodaho drank it the snakes came out of his hair and the scales fell off but he was still bent over.



After the Peacemaker said,”  Tadodaho should be an eagle that sits on this tree.” then we looked back but Tadodaho was not there. but There was an eagle on the tree. From then on they called that tree the tree of peace.


the End