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We empower & resource vulnerable, abandoned women & children in Christ centered holistic programs that teach sustainability & family preservation.

Mission Statement

Heal Ministries builds relationships and implements Christ-centered programs addressing the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of abandoned women and children.

We desire for vulnerable families to become holistically transformed and empowered to stay together and live sustainably within their communities. 

Our Vision

For EVERY woman and child that passes through our gates to learn about Christ, sustainability and FAMILY PRESERVATION.  We believe every family can have a story of success no matter what obstacles they face.  We believe success is measured by LOVE.


Our Mission

We empower vulnerable, abandoned women and children in Christ-centered programs that teach sustainability and family preservation.

Intern With HEAL Ministries!

Depending on your God-given gifts, you can serve in a wide variety of ways as an intern. Interns can serve in Administration, Nursing, Early Childhood Education with our Preschool program, Social Work, Jewelry Design, Leather Works, Sewing, Pottery, Marketing, Social Media, and Nutrition & Cooking Classes. We also need someone who would be a floater, serving in multiple capacities.

Tina founded HEAL Ministries in 2007 to serve orphans and widows and it began as a sending agency to serve others. She continued to lead teams through Central America, Africa, and several inner cities in the U.S. for HEAL. In 2011, Tina felt the Lord call HEAL to focus in Uganda. This is where the Spirit of God was clearly stirring in the hearts of women and children.

all information and pictures were found on heal ministries website