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The Battle of South Mills

Union Vs. Confederates

By Chelsea Lindsey

How did the Battle effect the South (Confederates) after the Battle?

My question:

The Union and Confederates fought at South Mills over the Dismal Swamp canal locks. The Union wanted to blow up the canal locks to prevent the Confederate ships to reach the Union ships supplying the Union soldiers. Both sides claim victory over this battle because the Union won the field but the Confederats prevented the canal locks from being blown up. It could be considered a confederate victory because the confederates gained control of the explosives to blow up the canal locks and also gained control of wounded Union soldiers left in houses because they were to wounded to move.

What happened

I believe that this would have helped the Confederates because it gave them access to the canal and the ability to trap the Union ships and demolish the Union soldiers access to supplies.

What I believe it did