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making a coil pot

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Minney's Birthday Pot

By: Olivia, Brandon, Nolan, & Dean

Mickey and Pluto's Art Project

Minnie's birthday is coming up, and Mickey and Pluto wanted to make her a flower pot.

First they will need to get all of the supplies they will need for their clay project in order to make it for Minnie. Some of the tools they will need are knives, forks, a modeling liner, a modeling moderler,a modeling spatula, a double ball stylus tool, a neddle tool, a wire clay cutter, a wireloop sgrafitto, and a fine point tool. All of these will help them make their pot look nice.

Mickey and Pluto decide to use 4lbs of Earthenware clay instead of Terracotta clay. 





Next, Mickey starts to wedge the clay, this is done using the rams head method. This is when you use the heel of your hand  to push the clay forward. He then will fold it and repeat it.  Mickey cuts it in half using then wire clay cutter, this will let him know if there is any air bubbles he needs to get out. This process is very important because if you dont get all of the air bubbles out your project could blow up in the klin.

Then, Pluto rolled out the clay using a rolling pin to the right measurement they needed for the base.

From this they cut out a circle slab for the base, using a knife and a templete for the base.

Mickey and Pluto decided to make a coil; flower pot they didn't know if they wanted to make a horizontal, verital, or a spiral coriled pot. To make sure the coils will stay together, they need to slip, knit, and score by using a fork. 

They continue to add coils until they reach the right measurement they want for their flower pot. When they finally reach they correct height they then, smooth out the coils so the outside and inside is compleatly smoothed out.

Once they are all done making their project, they then have the option to add detail such additive or negative detail. Additive is when you could add something extra on the outside. Negative detail is when you cut all the way through, to take clay away.

From here the project is in the greeneware stage, they will now leave it out to dry for about two weeks. 

Once the flower pot has set out to dry for two weeks and it is compleatly dried out, it is now ready to be fired through the klin. Once it goes through the klin it will comout as bisque ware.

Mickey and Pluto can then rinse the flower pot and then begin to glaze it for Minnie.

When they are all done glazing it, their flower pot will then goes back into the klin, and from here it will come out as glaze wear.

Mickey and Pluto are very excited to see their their finished project. 

It's the day of Minnie's birthday and Mickey and Pluto are super excited to give Minnie her gift. Minnie comes over and they all celebrate for her special day, Minnie then opens her present from Mickey and Pluto. Minnie loves it, she thanks them, and then she put a flower inside of it and sets it in her garden.