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The Unknown Island 

Maggie Burghardt

3rd hour

As Melanie opened her eyes, she had no idea where she was. Everything was blurry and unfamiliar. She was lying on the ground facing the sky and looking around at the exotic plants in the thick jungle. As Melanie let out a hard, wet cough, dirty ocean water poured out of her mouth, leaving the taste of rough salt water. She couldn’t move one muscle in her body and everything was aching. Her panic and anxiety was the only thing that got her to her feet. As she slowly wandered around, she noticed a bright yellow inflatable boat floating off into the ocean. Melanie’s emotions were over taking her. She felt confused, disoriented, clueless, and out of breath, and soon realized that she was soaking wet.

As her eyes were becoming focused she saw a man lying in the sand drenched in water. She ran over in hopes that he was still alive and able to help her. As Melanie approached him, she started asking him questions and yelling at him. She started shaking him vigorously as his eyes started to open. “Hello! Are you okay?” asked Melanie desperately. “Uhm…what’s going on…who are you?” Carter mumbled. “I’m Melanie. I’m not sure where we are or how we got here, but I’m so glad that I’m not alone.” she said in relive. As Carter rose in panic, he stumbled back down to the sand to where Melanie caught him. Carter lied in Melanie’s arms hopelessly, to weak to try and get up. Melanie and Carter’s eyes met. She stared into his deep dark blue eyes, mesmerized by his intense gaze. 

Melanie and Carter jolted as a high-pitched, bloodcurdling scream filled the air. They both sprang to their feet and immediately started running into the mysterious, unknown jungle. Tripping over branches and trudging threw the thick mud, Melanie and carter found nothing and no one from which the scream came from. As they began to run out of energy their search became slower and useless. “What was that?” Carter questioned. “I figured that we were the only ones on the island. Could there be someone else…or something else.” Feared Melanie. Carter didn’t respond. He fixated on something in the distance. “What!” Melanie questioned in panic. “Wait, do you see that?” Carter asked. She quickly glanced to where Carter was staring. Lurched over a valley peek, stood a hazy image of a man staring directly at them. Instantly, the image of the man transformed into a hovering cloud of smoke and vanished. Melanie and Carter whipped their heads towards each other with wide eyes and jaws dropped. Both were speechless and confused. “I know you saw that too.” Melanie whimpered. “That’s impossible, that sort of thing just doesn’t happen.” Carter said skeptically. 

Melanie and Carter both knew that daylight would soon be gone which meant finding shelter and food to help them get through the night. “I will find the shelter and then you can find the food for tonight.” Melanie ordered. “What if I want to look for the shelter.” Carter challenged. “Are you kidding me? Whatever, I don’t care, do what you want. Carter and Melanie split up looking for supplies to survive the unknown journey that they were enduring. Melanie angrily stomped through the forest unfocused on the job at hand. After a while, Melanie soon realized that she had gone farther than she had expected to go and know had no idea where she was. She started running back to where she had come from but nothing was looking familiar. Melanie started yelling for Carter, but she heard no response. “Carter!” She began to sob, realizing that his entire experience was too much to handle. Their were to many questions and concerns about this whole situation by how her and Carter got to this mysterious place and what was going to happen in the future. 

The ocean waves were crashing as the thunder roared and our small inflatable boat filled with water. As we look behind us we can see the cruise ship sinking and the other passengers swimming and jumping on boats trying to survive.  When we approach the land, the passengers on our boat drag it up to the sand and we wander until we cant anymore.

Melanie’s eyes shot open. She saw Carter bending down putting sticks into a dim fire. “Look who’s awake now.” Carter smirked. “Where are we? What happened?” Questioned Melanie. “I found you passed out on the other side of the island so I carried you back to this empty cave about half a mile from the beach where we could spend the night. I also found some edible berries and plants that will last us until tomorrow. “I remember what happened, how we got here. As Melanie explained her dream, it seemed as Carter was remembering as well and everything was becoming clear. There were other passengers on their boat and they were not alone on the island.    

As Carter woke up, he realized that him and Melanie had fallen asleep together and were know snuggling in each other’s arms. Carter started thinking about his thoughts and relationship with Melanie, but the hearing the same high-pitched scream that both Melanie and Carter had heard previously, interrupted his thoughts. Both of them heard the scream and jumped to their feet, running out of the cave and into the jungle. “Carter! There are foot prints in the sand over there on the beach.” Melanie exclaimed. They both trudged through the jungle onto the beach and hopelessly looked for another human. There stood a weak young girl who was a passenger on their ship. Melanie and Carter slowly started to approach the girl while she stood silently, staring blanklessly into their eyes. 

As the young girl started to open her mouth to speak, the hazy, black cloud of smoke poured out of her mouth and accelerated towards Melanie and Carter. Melanie’s eyes peered open looking around her room in her small apartment. She felt the sheets and pillow of her bed. She saw her packed bags, ready to go for the cruise that she would be boarding tomorrow. She closed her eyes and remembered her journey and experience with Carter. She couldn’t have imagined that it was just a dream. As she opened her eyes she saw the hazy cloud of black smoke race out of the crack in her window.