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There was a scream in the distance.

He felt scared and horrified. The whole Onondaga tribe village, his wife and daughters, dead. All was gone. Loneliness overcame him. There was no cure for fire. There is only one man capable of doing this, The evil chief, Tadodaho. Hiawatha’s mind was weak and filled with revenge to Tadodaho. Again, another scream echoed, bringing Hiawatha back to the real world, but this time, it was that of a man, a fierce battle call. As the fires burned low and nobody was in sight, Hiawatha took shelter near the river. As he treated his wounds with leaves, He thought he saw the faintest outline of a white boat in the misty bay.


Next morning, Hiawatha sat up with a jolt. A man as standing over him with a simple look on his face. “Why are you here? Go away!” Hiawatha exclaimed. Hiawatha was scared that this person was a soldier of Tadodaho. “I know of your loss” said the mysterious man. “I come with a message of healing. I have come to tell you of the great law. Fighting among us must stop. We shall all come together as one” said the great man. “What?” Hiawatha asked. “Peace will take over evil.” The mysterious man explained yet again, “we shall come together as one nation. T-t-t-t-travel with me to the land of the Mohawk.”

Hiawatha kept his eyes on his white, carved stone canoe, obviously mesmerized by the fact that the stone canoe could float They paddled off, and with every stroke, Hiawatha felt that everything is becoming more possible. When they arrived at the Mohawk tribe, they were greeted warmly. The chief and and a few elders were summoned, and, they all sat in a circle together.


The Peacemaker put his hand on Hiawatha’s back, closed his eyes, and somehow had the power to make Hiawatha speak for him. “Peace and power shall be the new way. We must join together as one nation. This is the great law.” He made Hiawatha say.



The clan mothers nodded. The chief did not. “I am sorry” the chief said “Tadodaho is too strong”


As Hiawatha and the Peace Maker traveled to the land of the Cayuga, the Peace Maker whispered kind words of healing and forgiveness to Hiawatha. Although Hiawatha was was still filled with hatred and anger, the Peace Maker’s words seemed to help.


When they arrived, Hiawatha found out that the Cayuga had also suffered an attack from Tadodaho. But this time, with spears and bows.


In an attempt to soothe Hiawatha, the Peacemaker and Hiawatha sat together with the Cayuga council. “I do not see evil.” the Peacemaker said. “ I see a new passage to life. Peace rather than war, love rather than hate, Unity rather than fear. They all agreed, and, the Cayuga chief carefully stepped into his canoe, and of they paddled.


When they first touched down on seneca land, they were greeted by 15 armed soldiers. The soldiers forced them to the center of the village. The seneca chief entered the circle, and, with a wave of his hand, the warriors lowered their spears. “We will all fall if we continue this violence. It must stop.”

Hiawatha said. The Seneca chief decided to trail them in his canoe.

As night neared, they traveled to the land of the Oneida. Suddenly, the ground rumbled and broke under them. The Oneida chief stood over them and said “I spared your life. Why would two chiefs and two strangers be so foolish as to enter our land in the dark?”

The men bound their hands with much force. The Peacemaker turned to Hiawatha and told him to tell his story.


Hiawatha told the chief of his pain and sorrow. Hiawatha explained how his wife and daughters got killed during battle. They nodded in agreement and, with a knowing smile. And together they traveled in their canoes.


Finally, they returned to the Mohawk people with proof of their good deed. The Peacemaker told

Everybody that he will climb a big tree and the men will chop it down. Then, the waters of the river will carry him to safety with proof of his message.

The next morning, when everybody woke up, there was coming up from the river bank. As every body immediately went to the smoke, Hiawatha could see an outline of the great Peacemaker. The Mohawk chief agreed to trail all the other chiefs.

Tadodaho’s hut was very messy. Just barely seeable through the doorway was Tadodaho. Hunched over and scaly, Tadodaho was a horrifying sight.


The small fight was growing. Supported only by and fear, it was violent. Suddenly, something surprized everyone. The Peacemaker was singing a soft hymn that stopped the fight. As they watched, everyone was enchanted. As everyone stopped, the Peacemaker told Hiawatha to make medicine for Tadodaho’s sickness. Tadodaho grabbed the medicine from Hiawatha’s right hand. He drank the paste and his scales dissappeared. After that, Hiawatha and the great Peacemaker traveled back to the Mohawk.


Three days later, they traveled back to Tadodaho. A big crowd grew, and, by putting a hand on Tadodaho’s head, healed him. Everyone followed the Peacemaker to a big tree. He told all the men to uproot the big tree, and drop their weaponds in the hole. When they re-planted the tree, the Peacemaker explained that atop the tree an eagle will be perched. That bird will be Tadodaho. As everyone looked at Tadodaho, he was gone. And perched on top of the tree of peace, was an eagle.