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Westward Expansion    By Mackenzie Scott 



People moved to California so they could get rich and get gold.

New technology came out like the steel plow, windmill, and Mechanical Reapers.  The steel plow borck up the hard packed earth, the windmill brot scarce water to the surface.The Mechanical Reapers would make the picking of crops faster.

Cattle drives were usually conducted by teams of cowboys rather than ranchers.

Transcontinental railroad was a huge undertaking.  Lawmakers in congress authorized the railroad in 1862 and two companies began to build it in 1863 from opposite ends of the country.

Pioneers over the Rocky Mountains and the sierra Nevada on their way to california or oregon territory. 

Homesteaders built their houses themselves out of the very sod of the earth.  They plowed their fields and either dug well or walked daily to nearby streams for water.

The teiegraph made it obsolete.  The telegraph transmitted messages electrically along wires and accomplished in mere minutes what the pony express did in ten days.

One of these entrereneurs built a store right next to the sawmill where the first gold was found.  Other businessmen opened laundries or resaurants.  Women worked as entertainers,provided domestic services,or operated boarding houses.