Nate Jacobs in
Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now:
WBTT’s 20th Anniversary
Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
November 19, 2019
Sorcha Augustine Photography
Now with
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elcome to an unusual season in a very unusual time.
In January 2020, we were thrilled to open the newly
renovated and renamed Gerri Aaron & the Aaron
Family Foundation Theatre Building and stage our first show in
the Donelly Theatre — Caroline, or Change. But a few months
later, we had to shut down during the run of our second show,
Your Arms Too Short to Box with God, due to COVID-19.
Of course we were disappointed, as we joined theatres
around the nation and throughout the world in an unplanned
“intermission” of unpredictable length. But, as we have done at
Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe throughout our two decades of
history, we persevered.
In October 2020, we cautiously began live performances again
with Light Up the Night — outdoors, with safety measures in
place to protect you, our patrons, as well as our performers,
creative team and sta. After a break, we returned to our
outdoor stage in February 2021, with the second run of Light Up
the Night.
We have some exciting plans for the spring and summer —
including outdoor screenings and on-demand streaming of a new
WBTT production of Pipeline, a riveting contemporary drama
from Dominique Morisseau filmed on our stage, and the return of
Sistas in the Name of Soul, my pull-out-the-stops tribute to the
female R&B stars of the 1970s, including Aretha Franklin, Gladys
Knight, Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle and many others. Our outdoor
stage, which proved so popular for Light Up the Night, will light
up once again, this time to showcase the ladies!
Details and a link to the ticket page for the event follow in this
flip book. You’ll also learn about our COVID-19 safety precautions
and patron guidelines for our live performances.
We realize that masks and social distancing are not the ideal way
to experience live theatre. But things are changing for the better,
and we thank you for your patience and cooperation. What will
never change is our unwavering commitment to bringing you the
best professional theatre experiences we can oer you. Thank
you for supporting WBTT, now more than ever!
Nate Jacobs
Founder & Artistic Director
The performing arts raise spirits, provide joy, and spark
inspiration for many in our community. We believe it is vital that
the show go on, and that it does so as safely as possible.
For the safety and condence of our performers and those
attending our venues, we are requiring masks and social
distancing for all joining us for live performances.
Thank you for supporting the arts. We hope to see you soon!
Photo: Sorcha Augustine
Photo: Matthew Holler
Photo: Cli Roles
Photo: Cli Roles
Precautions and Procedures
• Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
follows CDC guidelines. We have
several certified COVID-19 safety
ocers to inform our policies
that are designed to protect
our patrons, cast and crew and
to minimize the chances of
spreading the virus.
• We have daily health checks and
test our performers, musicians,
crew members and sta
regularly for the coronavirus. If
anyone tests positive or comes
into contact with someone who
has tested positive, we instigate
contact tracing and ensure that
those individuals observe the
current CDC-recommended
quarantine period. If anyone
feels unwell, they are asked not
to come to our campus.
• We employ a cleaning company
to thoroughly sanitize and
disinfect all surface areas daily,
including seats and other areas
patrons may touch.
• Our HVAC systems are regularly
maintained, and we have
installed UV air scrubbers/
purifiers throughout these
systems in both of our facilities.
• Patrons who are fully vaccinated
may remove their masks while
in their circle, but must wear
them at all other times in the
venue. Masks must be worn by
all patrons when leaving seats
and entering WBTT buildings.
All patrons must observe
social distancing outside their
designated circle.
Ticketing, Arrival
and Playbill Information
• Ticket sales will be cut o two
hours prior to all performances.
Walk-up tickets will not be
• Upon arrival, all patrons
will have their temperature
checked with a non-contact
thermometer. Anyone with a
temperature of 100.4 or higher
will not be permitted to enter
the venue.
• There is one point of entry into
the performance space, which is
wheelchair-accessible, and two
handicapped parking spaces
next to the entry.
• No pets are allowed (except
registered service animals).
• WBTT currently uses ticketless
entry to prevent unnecessary
physical contact. Please be
prepared to give the name your
order was purchased under to
the box oce sta at the check-
in point and supply a valid form
of ID upon request.
• There will be no physical
playbills. Our season playbill
is available electronically on
our website and sent via email
to ticket holders. Information
will also be displayed on large
screens at the venue.
• No outside food or drink may
be brought to performances.
For specific events, WBTT may
provide food and drinks for
purchase. Patrons must resume
wearing masks after eating or
We are looking forward to welcoming you back safely to
WBTT’s performances. To ensure the safety of patrons,
cast, and crew we have invested in safety enhancements
and implemented many safety procedures.
Seating and Safety Rules
During Outdoor Performances
• Outdoor performances will be
approximately 90 minutes or
shorter, performed without an
• Seating capacity of the outdoor
stage is 84 seats. Seats are
arranged in groups of one or
two and socially distanced for
patron and sta safety. The
stage area is 10 feet from the
front row of seats.
• WBTT sta will begin seating
patrons 30 minutes prior to
• Patrons are asked to refrain from
congregating in public areas and
to remain seated prior to and
during the performance.
• Everyone must maintain a 6-foot
distance from anyone not in
their party at all times.
• Seats may not be moved
outside of the circle you found
them in.
• While we encourage patron
dancing during our outdoor
concerts, we ask that this be
kept inside your circle as well.
• Hand sanitizer will be available
at the entrance and other
• Restrooms are located in our
Education & Outreach Building
adjacent to our outdoor stage
and can be accessed by the
sidewalk and courtyard.
PLEASE NOTE: WBTT reserves the
right to require a patron to leave
if they do not abide by the mask
rule and other safety rules noted
above. If you are asked to leave, we
will process a refund of your ticket
purchase the next business day.
Weather Cancellations
• In the event that WBTT cancels
a performance due to imminent
bad weather earlier in the day,
the cancellation will be posted
on our website and and we will
contact ticket-holders by email
to facilitate a ticket exchange or
• If a performance is cancelled
close to performance time
or shortened due to weather,
patrons may either exchange
their ticket for another
performance or receive a refund.
While rain can come and go very
quickly in our area, WBTT will
make every attempt to present
each performance even if rain is
in the forecast.
• Please dress seasonably for the
outdoor performances.
Thank you for abiding by these rules for everyone’s safety!
Hon. Dennis Archer
Lynne Bernfield
Dr. Francine Brown
Frank Brunckhorst
Michael Bush
Judy Cuppy
Kim Davis
Donnie Diamond
Donna Dooley
Jenni Engleman
Robert Gaglio
Gypsy Gallardo
Richard Gerrity
David Goldman, Esq.
Howard Harris
Doris Johnson, Chair
Marian Moss, Vice Chair
Cheryl Anderson, Treasurer
Chris Caswell, JD, Secretary
Marvin Albert
Ali Bahaj
Kitty Cranor
Michael Gardiner
Sy Goldblatt
Dr. Jaih Jackson
Penelope Kingman
Margie Nellum Lee
Dr. John Maupin
Howard Millman
Dr. Randall Morgan
Mona Rankin
Dona Scott
Eva T. Slane
Lois Watson
Andrew Economos
June Gordon
Mary Ann Robinson
Steven Krause, Co-Chair
Margie Nellum Lee, Co-Chair
Charlie Huisking
Tomeika Hunter-Koski
Amb. Jeanette Hyde
Jerry Kaplan
J.P. Knaggs
Lynne Koy
Joyce Locklear
Kaveecia Moore
Hector Muniz
Andi Munzer
Vickie Oldham
Debbie Partridge
William Partridge, Esq.
Richard Perlman
Ann Hobson Pilot
Prentice Pilot
Lauri Pollack
David Shapiro, Esq.
Jeremy Shelby
Ken Shelin
Edna Sherrell
Barbara Shirley
Teresa Simmons
Marty Tael
Sheila Weiss
Hon. Charles E. Williams
Victor Young
Barbara A. Zdravecky
Christine Jennings
Jackie Woods
Ariel Blue
Development and
Artist Relations Associate
Annette Breazeale
Properties Designer
Darci Collins
James “Jay” Dodge II
Production Manager/Music Director
Scott Ferguson
Marketing and Communications Director
Debra Flynt-Garrett
Development Director
Donald Frison
Robert Grant
Finance Manager
Gerald Law
Facilities Custodian
Myllanna McKinnon
House Manager
Michael Mendez
Production Assistant/
Assistant to the Artistic Director
Eleanor Miller
Box Oce Manager
Juanita Munford
Production Stage Manager
Michael Pasquini
Resident Lighting Designer
Adrienne Pitts
Wardrobe Manager
Travis Ray
Associate Managing Director
Patrick Russini
Sound Engineer
Shane Streight
Technical Director
Brennan Stylez
Assistant Music Director
Sorcha Augustine
Paula Murray, Artefact Design
Graphic Design
Sharon Kunkel,
Wordslinger Marketing & PR
Media Relations
Denise Roberts
Grants Consultant
Bill Wagy Productions
Nate Jacobs
Founder & Artistic Director
Julie Leach
Executive Director
Light up the
Ali & Gloria Bahaj
Phil Baker & Steve Graham
Miles & Barbara Capron
Liza & Carl Caruso
Elaine & Dave Charney
Amb. Jeanette Hyde
& Christine Jennings
David Kotok
& Christine Schlesinger
Patrick T. & Mary M. Mulva
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Betsey Sublette
Dr. Phil & Suzan Gaynes
Rose Marie Proietti
Nancy & Tom Flanagan
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Shelley & Sy Goldblatt
Pat Kordis
Linda Steinberger
Paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development
Tax Revenues. This project is sponsored in part by the
Department of State, Division of Cultural Aairs, the Florida
Council of Arts and Culture, and the State of Florida.
David & Suzanne Arch
Ali & Gloria Bahaj
Bruce & Elaine Burton
Designing Women Boutique
Amb. Jeanette Hyde
Penelope Kingman
David Kotok & Christine Schlesinger
Sarasota Magazine
Rosa L. & Willie M. Stanfield
FEBRUARY 12–MARCH 14, 2021
Shelley & Sy Goldblatt
Miles & Barbara Capron
Mike & Karen Gardiner
Light up the
Paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development
Tax Revenues. This project is sponsored in part by the
Department of State, Division of Cultural Aairs, the Florida
Council of Arts and Culture, and the State of Florida.
“Pipeline” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.
Benjamin Handelman
in Memory of Judith G. Handelman
New WBTT production filmed live onstage
Screening outdoors
Streaming on demand
MAY 1–23
This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.
Paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues. This project is sponsored in part by the Department of State,
Division of Cultural Aairs, the Florida Council of Arts and Culture, and the State of Florida.
Shelley & Sy Goldblatt
Sidney & Mary Harris
Howard Millman &
Carolyn Michel
David & Susan Arch
Honorable Dennis W. Archer
& Honorable
Trudy DunCombe Archer
Liza & Carl Caruso
Sandra & William Farrow
Mike & Karen Gardiner
Bernice & Gary Giscombe
Gail & Bob Hetler in Honor of
L. Peter Callender
Michele Hooper & Lemuel Seabrook
Dr. Donald & Doris Johnson
David Kotok & Christine Schlesinger
Virginia Lipton & Frank Malickson
Mona Rankin
Sarasota Magazine

By Dominique Morisseau
Properties Designer
Annette Breazeale
Costume Designer
Adrienne Pitts
Scenic Designer
Adam Spencer**
Production Manager
James “Jay” Dodge II
Production Stage
Juanita Munford*
Lighting Designer
Joseph Oshry**
Video Projections &
Transitions Designer
Jay Poppe
Chief Videographer/
Bill Wagy
L. Peter Callender
Filmed on the WBTT stage in April 2021
Screening Outdoors at WBTT April 24–30, 2021
Streaming on demand May 1–23, 2021
This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. Paid for in part by Sarasota County
Tourist Development Tax Revenues. This project is sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of
Cultural Aairs, the Florida Council of Arts and Culture, and the State of Florida.
* Member of Actors’ Equity
Association (AEA), the
Union of Professional Actors
and Stage Managers in the
United States.
“Pipeline” is presented by
arrangement with Concord
Theatricals on behalf of
Samuel French, Inc.
**Member of Local 412,
International Alliance of
Theatrical Stage Employees
(IATSE) and Local 829, United
Scenic Artists (USA)
Originally Produced by Lincoln Center Theater in 2017, New York City
Pipeline was commissioned by Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago;
Martha Lavey, Artistic Director, David Hawkanson, Executive Director.
“We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks. Used by Consent of Brooks Permissions

(in order of appearance)
Nya ............................................................................................ Renata Eastlick
Jasmine .....................................................................Emerald Rose Sullivan
Omari ..................................................................................Donovan Whitney
Laurie .........................................................................................Emilia Sargent
Dun ........................................................................................... Isaac Esau Gay
Xavier .............................................................................................Joel PE King
*Member of Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), the Union of Professional Actors and Stage
Managers in the United States
James Berry
Donald Frison
Derric Gobourne Jr.
Nate Jacobs
Astrid McIntyre
Michael Mendez
Raleigh Mosely II
Jai Shanae
Donovan Whitney
Nate Jacobs
Yve Lyles
Juanita Munford
Adrienne Pitts
Donovan Whitney
COVID-19 safety precautions were observed for cast and crew
during rehearsals and filming.
Pines of Sarasota
Fabulous Finds Thrift Shop
WBTT Founder/Artistic Director ......................................... Nate Jacobs
Director ..............................................................................L. Peter Callender
Chief Videographer/Editor .......................................................... Bill Wagy
Videographers ..... James Berry, James “Jay” Dodge II, Nate Ilardi
Properties Designer .....................................................Annette Breazeale
Assistant Costumer/Seamstress ..........................................Darci Collins
Production Manager ............................................. James “Jay” Dodge II
COVID-19 Safety Ocer ................................................................Yve Lyles
Electricians .............................................. Michelle Marcus**, Nate Myers
Stage Hand ............................................................................... Amber Myers
Production Stage Manager/
Sound Cue Designer ........................................................ Juanita Munford
Lighting Designer................................................................... Joseph Oshry
Associate Lighting Designer/
Production Electrician .................................................... Michael Pasquini
Light Board Programmer ....................................................... Alex Pinchin
Costume Designer/Lead Stage Hand ............................ Adrienne Pitts
Video Projections & Transitions Designer ............................ Jay Poppe
Sound Engineer .....................................................................Patrick Russini
Scenic Designer ................................................................... Adam Spencer
Technical Director ................................................................ Shane Streight
**Member of IATSE Local 412, International
Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
* Member of Actors’ Equity Association
(AEA), the Union of Professional Actors and
Stage Managers in the United States.
Please help make our guest artists feel at home
while they are here and help our theatre operations
run more smoothly with donations of:
Funding for two Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs):
$2,500 each
House or condo for guest artists
Gently used car for guest artist
Email Ariel Blue at or call her
at 941-366-1505, ext. 111, if you would like to help.
Dominique Morisseau’s Pipelinehits very close to home for this
director. Born in the West Indies, I grew up in the North Bronx
to a single mother struggling to make ends meet while working
three, sometimes four jobs at a time; with two/three hours
sleep daily, all in a brave and determined eort to keep her only
child fed, educated, motivated and out of trouble. It was very
dangerously close, almost heart-breaking, at times. I could have
been another statistic that reporters and playwrights would
chronicle in the future. Yet she was successful because of the
selfless sacrifices she made on my behalf, all the while keeping a
strong hand and a firm grasp on this young black kid with lots of
time on his hands.
I know of many of my friends from “back in the day” who are no
longer with us, either dead or incarcerated, victims of what is
now known as the “school to prison pipeline,” funneling students
from public schools into the criminal justice system — young
people whose fate is often fatal. Black youth have been most
impacted by this system, often targeted as early as third grade!
In my view, Pipeline is by far Ms. Morisseau’s most important
work. It insists that its actors be open and vulnerable to raw
emotions, portray characters perhaps disliked by audiences, and
challenges its audiences to examine themselves, asking: “What
can I do to help? Why did I not know of this? Am I aiding and
abetting this crisis?” It is a work thatsolemnlywails a mother’s
grief and anger, shares a father’s heartbreak, shouts a teacher’s
dogged determination to inspire; grapples with young love
yearning to be realized and, most importantly, insists we hear the
cries of a brilliant young man with two strikes against him, simply
begging to be listened to, to not assume he is a criminal based
on the color of his skin — asking that wetreat him fairly, and
have someone . . . to just show up for him.
It was a challenge to stage Pipeline during COVID-19, but our
team of dedicated theatre and video professionals rose to the
occasion. We decided to keep all the set pieces on stage at the
same time to limit contact among the cast and crew, and we
blocked the actors’ movements with social distancing in mind.
Some of these safety measures led to creative decisions that
ultimately helped us tell the story of Pipeline on video in a way
that’s dierent from an in-person theatrical experience but is, we
hope, just as moving.
This play is an opus for our times, speaking to young and old
of every race, economic and social level. It stands alongside the
great works of Wilson, Hansberry and Baldwin. Ms. Morisseau
taught school for many years in Detroit. She comes from a line
of dedicated educators. In Pipeline, she is all the characters she
writes about!
The bell has rung. Let’s take our seats. It’s time. Please lean
forward and be engaged. Get involved!
—L. Peter Callender
* Member of Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), the Union of Professional Actors
and Stage Managers in the United States.
is a multilingual
actor and voiceover
artist. She is best
known for voicing
‘Caveira’ in the
critically acclaimed
UBISOFT video gamesRainbow
Six: SiegeandGhost Recon:
Wildlands.Upon receiving her BFA
from the University of Florida’s
New World School of the Arts,
Renata has worked extensively in
theatre, voiceover, film, television
and commercials. As an actor,
Renata has performed nationally and
internationally, using her Portuguese,
Spanish and English language
skills. Some of her theatrical credits
include O-Broadway:For Colored
Girls Who Have Considered Suicide
/ When the Rainbow Is Enuf(The
Public Theater, NYC-u/s) Regional:
7Deadly Sins(Miami New Drama);The
Nutcracker(House Theatre of
Chicago);Letters to Kamala(American
Stage);Flying(Tampa Rep);The
Royale (Hippodrome Theatre);Cat on
a Hot Tin Roof(Oldcastle Theatre);
Ruined (GableStage); Eclipsed
(Women’s Theatre Project); The Last
Days of Judas Iscariot(Ground Up and
Rising);In the Heights and Rockin’
Down Fairytale Lane(WBTT) among
others. FILM: God’s Waiting Room.
TV: Burn Notice, Mad Dogs and The
Glades.Renata is a Silver Palm Award
recipient, a two-time Carbonell Award
nominee, and a proud member of SAG-
AFTRA and Actors’ Equity Association.
(Dun) is an alumni of
the Maggie Flanigan
Acting Conservatory
in New York City
and an Indie Award-
winning producer.He
has been featured
in major TV shows, independent films
and plays across the east coast.Isaac
recently started a boutique
performance-based consulting agency
called Sell it Like Isaac, which helps
new entrepreneurs become six-figure
(Xavier) is a Screen
Actors Guild/AFTRA
and AEA member
performer. His theatre
credits include
The Amen Corner,
Spunk, Knock Me a
Kiss, Raisin in the Sun, The Colored
Museum, Immigrant Project, In the
Blood and Dutchman. Musical theater
credits include Real Life: A Hip Hopera,
Big River, Damn Yankees, Bubblin’
Brown Sugar, Ain’t Misbehavin’,
The Color Purple, The Sam Cooke
Story and Complacency of Silence:
Darfur, for which he received a Kevin
Kline Nomination for Outstanding
Supporting Actor in a Musical.Joel
has appeared in the premieres of
the operas Ruth and Joshua’s Boots.
While touring with the gospel show
A House Divided, Tyler Perry caught
his performance and complimented
him on “a job well done.” Joel has
played leading and supporting roles in
independent films, including Pieces of
a Dream, Ishmael Meets the Grave of
Hagar and the award-winning movie
Russian Roulette.His recent movie
credits include MMG’s Stratosphere
and Kim Conner’s Before I Do, to also
star Jensen Atwood, Omar Gooding
and Andrea Kelly. “My vision is to
envision promise through rich and real
(Laurie) is an actor,
singer and director,
best known for the
one-woman show
Grounded (Best
Actress, Best of the
Bay and Theatre
Tampa Bay), Silent Sky (Best Actress,
Theatre Tampa Bay), and Blanche
DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire
(Best Actress, Best of the Bay). She is
thrilled to be working with Westcoast
Black Theatre Troupe and L. Peter
Callender on this powerful play.
SULLIVAN* (Jasmine)
Emerald Rose’s
previous WBTT
credits include The
Mountaintop, Knock
Me A Kiss, Marvin
Gaye: Prince of Soul,
The Piano Lesson and Ma Rainey’s
Black Bottom. Other theatre credits
include The Mountaintop at Hattiloo
Theatre and Riots: B’Hoys Do Macbeth
at the Metropolitan Playhouse. Her TV
credits include: Gotham, Street Justice:
The Bronx and Momsters: When Moms
Go Bad. Emerald Rose received her BA
degree in Acting from Pace University.
(Omari) is proud
and beyond elated
to be making his
WBTT debut. An
educator as well as
actor, he has taught
acting and done
educational outreach with WBTT’s
programs Jazzlinks and Stage of
Discovery. Recent theater credits
include Shakespeare Lite: Romeo &
Juliet and Between Riverside & Crazy
(American Stage) and Immurement
(Theater Odyssey). A local actor in
St. Petersburg, Donovan is proud
to have found another home with
WBTT.“Please wear a mask and stay
(Playwright) is the
author of The Detroit
Project (A Three-
Play Cycle) which
includes Skeleton
Crew, Paradise
Blue and Detroit ’67. Her other plays
include Pipeline, Sunset Baby, Blood
at the Root and Follow Me To Nellie’s.
She is also the Tony-nominated
book writer of the Broadway musical
Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times
of the Temptations. Dominique is
an alumna of The Public Theater
Emerging Writers Group, Women’s
Project Lab and Lark Playwrights
Workshop. Morisseau has developed
work at Sundance Lab, Williamstown
Theatre Festival and Eugene O’Neil
Playwrights Conference. She served as
co-producer on the Showtime series
Shameless (three seasons). Additional
awards include: Spirit of Detroit Award,
PoNY Fellowship, Sky-Cooper Prize,
TEER Trailblazer Award, Steinberg
Playwright Award, Audelco Awards,
NBFT August Wilson Playwriting
Award, Edward M. Kennedy Prize
for Drama, OBIE Award (two), Ford
Foundation Art of Change Fellowship,
Variety’s Women of Impact for 2017-18
and a recent MacArthur Genius Grant
(Director) is Artistic
Director of the
Companyin San
Francisco and
Artistic Associate at NY Classical
Theatre. He is thrilled to be making
hisdirecting debut at WBTT with
Pipeline. His extensive acting
credits include Prelude to a Kiss
on Broadway to productions in the
San Francisco Bay Area, with many
stops in between,including four
years with Milwaukee Rep Acting
Company,and performances at over
20 otherregional theaters. As Artistic
Associate at CaliforniaShakespeare
Theater, Peter performed in 24
Shakespeare plays and directed
seven around the San Francisco Bay
Area. A multi-award-winningactor
and director, he was honored that his
friends at San Jose Stage recently
produced his veryfirst venture as a
playwright, Strange Courtesies. Peter
recently wrapped Satchmo at the
Waldorf, a film directed by Ted Lange
about Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong,
for American Stage Company in St.
Petersburg, Florida, where he’s been
a resident actor/director for the past
six years for productions of Jitney,
Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, A Raisin
in the Sun, Pipeline, Skeleton Crew.
He played Walter “Pops” Washington
in Between Riverside and Crazy. His
work garnered a total of 23 award
nominations and 13 wins, including
four Outstanding Director Awards.
Much more on L. Peter Callender can
be found at
(WBTT Founder &
Artistic Director)
is a driving force
in Florida’s theatre
scene. A graduate
of Florida A&M
University, Nate
founded Westcoast Black Theatre
Troupe in 1999. He has written,
composed, directed and performed
in many shows, as an actor, singer,
dancer and comedian. He works
extensively in the community training
and mentoring youth in the performing
arts. As a result of his outstanding
contributions to young people, the
Sarasota County Branch NAACP Youth
Council recognized Nate as one of
its 2012 Men of Valor. In the spring
of 2013, he was inducted into the
Community Video Archives Hall of
Fame for his significant contributions
to the arts and education. In 2015,
Nate was recognized as a Champion
of Diversity for the arts during the
Biz(941) and La Guia magazines’ Unity
Awards Luncheon, and was honored
with the prestigious Larry Leon Hamlin
Producer Award during the National
Black Theatre Festival in Winston-
Salem, N.C., “for his contributions
to Black theatre specifically and
American theatre in general.” In 2017,
Goodwill Manasota named him a
Community Ambassador of the Year.
In 2018, the Arts and Cultural Alliance
of Sarasota County honored Nate with
the Arts Leadership Award for Artistic
Achievement. In 2019 he brought Soul
Man to the National Black Theatre
Festival in Winston-Salem, N.C. —
WBTT’s fourth appearance there.
Nate and the troupe marked the
20th anniversary of Westcoast Black
Theatre Troupe at the Van Wezel
Performing Arts Hall in November
2019 with Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, a
musical retrospective of the company’s
first two decades. In January 2020,
following a capital campaign that
raised more than $8.7 million for
WBTT’s campus and endowment,
the Gerri Aaron & the Aaron Family
Foundation Theatre Building opened
with its first show in the renovated
theatre — the musical Caroline, or
Change. In the summer of 2020, Nate
joined the Board of Directors of the
Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services
Center in Sarasota, a nonprofit
organization known as a “campus of
caring” because it is home to over19
nonprofit health and human services
agenciesthat help low income and at-
risk adults, children and families.
Editor) Bill Wagy
and his company, Bill
Wagy Productions,
has filmed and
edited hundreds of
videos of Westcoast
Black Theatre Troupe shows and
events in WBTT’s 21-year history. His
compelling “sizzle videos” capture
the essence of each production in
just a few minutes. Bill also films
every WBTT show live on stage for
the company’s video archive. Bill is a
broadcast journalism graduate of The
American University in Washington,
D.C., and has been a television sports
anchor in several markets including
Toledo, Ohio, Columbia, South
Carolina, New Orleans and Baton
Rouge, Louisiana. A Sarasota resident
for more than 20 years, Bill worked
for SNN-News 6 and ABC7 before
starting his own company. He is in
demand as a videographer and editor
for a wide range of arts, cultural and
philanthropic organizations. Pipeline
is the first WBTT production he has
filmed for the express purpose of
outdoor screening and streaming,
bringing his artful cinematic eye to
the project. With L. Peter Callender
directing the play and Bill shooting
and editing the video, the final product
will allow audiences to experience
the powerful message of Pipeline as
it screens on WBTT’s campus or in
demand in their own homes, in this
season like no other.
JAMES “JAY” DODGE II (Production
Manager/Music Director) has served
as WBTT’s Production Manager and
Resident Music Director for over
a decade. A producer, composer,
arranger and songwriter, Jay oversaw
the production and music for three
of WBTT’s four appearances at the
National Black Theatre Festival in
Winston-Salem, N.C. He began playing
the bass at age 13 and, through the
years, has directed several band
ensembles and accompanied many
singers with his smooth melodic bass
playing. He has traveled with the
renowned Westcoast Gospel Chorus of
Florida and The HLP Love Campaign,
touring the U.S., Europe, Africa and
the Caribbean, and performing a
holiday show at the White House. His
local and national TV appearances
include Fox, NBC, BET and the CW
Network. Jay has accompanied many
artists, including recording sensation
Terrell Carter, Kermit Quinn of the
vocal group Blackstreet, Broadway
stars Melba Moore and Chester
Gregory, international recording artist
Frank McComb, and Gospel greats
Hezekiah Walker, Kim Burrell, Shirley
Caesar, Albertina Walker, Dorothy
Norwood, Kurt Carr, Byron Cage,
Richard Smallwood and Bishop Walter
Hawkins. Jay holds a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Music Performance from
Florida International University. He is a
loving husband to his wife Renae and
father to his two boys, Jay and Kai.
Stage Manager) has extensive
experience as a stage manager. This
Manchester, N.H. native attended St.
Michael’s College in Winooski, Vt. After
working in St. Michael’s Playhouse,
she moved to Sarasota in 1983 and
became the stage manager for more
than 90 shows at the Asolo Repertory
Theatre. Juanita’s first WBTT show as
stage manager was Marvin Gaye: The
Man & His Music in 2011 and she has
served in that role ever since. She is
very proud to be working with Nate
Jacobs and the amazing people at
Designer) is WBTT’s Resident Property
Master. She has designed props for
area stages including Banyan Theatre
Company and the FSU Conservatory at
the Asolo Theatre. In addition, she has
worked as art director and production
designer for national and international
feature films and music videos. She
would like to thank Nate Jacobs for
the opportunity to work with such a
talented and inspirational group of
theatre artists.
JOSEPH OSHRY (Lighting Designer) is
proud to be making his lighting design
debut at WBTT for its production
of Pipeline. Since 1986 Joseph has
designed lighting for some 600
productions for such organizations
as American Stage, Asolo Repertory
Theatre, Palm Beach Dramaworks,
Maltz-Jupiter Theatre, Orlando
Shakespeare Theatre, Palm Beach
Opera, Opera Tampa, New Orleans
Opera, Sarasota International Dance
Festival, Ballet Eddy Toussaint USA
and the Interlochen Dance Ensemble
in Michigan. Joseph has received two
Individual Artist Fellowships from the
Florida Division of Cultural Aairs and
is a four-time recipient of the Theatre
Tampa Bay award for outstanding
lighting design. He also serves on the
Advisory Board of Tampa Repertory
Theatre. He is a member of United
Scenic Artists Local 829 New York and
of IATSE Local 412 Sarasota.
ADRIENNE PITTS (Costume Designer)
has worked with WBTT as an actress
and stagehand for over 16 years.
She started out on stage but soon
realized she loved working backstage
even more. Adrienne has been
the Wardrobe Manager and Lead
Stagehand for WBTT since 2017.
Adrienne has costumed A Motown
Christmas, The Mountaintop and Soul
Man and was the Assistant Costume
Designer for Lady Day at Emerson’s
Bar & Grill, Raisin, Marvin Gaye: Prince
of Soul and Black Nativity. Adrienne
has also been writing for over 15 years
and has been blessed to work with
her mentor, Nate Jacobs. She was
given an opportunity to write a play
for her church youth group. Since
the moment the play was performed,
Adrienne knew she wanted to be a
creative writer and eventually see her
plays come to life on stage. With Nate
Jacobs, she co-wrote WBTT’s 2019
and 2020 Stage of Discovery summer
shows, A Journey to Motown and
The Technicolor Musical. She is also
interested in writing television series.
Adrienne is grateful for Nate Jacobs
and the Westcoast Black Theatre
Troupe for allowing her to learn and
grow in this amazing company.
JAY POPPE (Video Projections/
Transitions Designer) has designed
projections for WBTT productions
including Soul Man and Queen of Soul:
A Tribute to Aretha Franklin.He has
also provided scenic projections for
The Manatee Players productions of
Newsies, Mary Poppins, Tarzan and
many more.Jay also performs, most
recently in A Christmas Carol at The
Manatee Players, where he played six
dierent characters. “Thank you, Nate,
for asking me to work on this amazing
ADAM SPENCER (Scenic Designer)
is excited to join the WBTT design
team. He received his BA in Theatre
from Chadron State College and
MFA in Theatrical Design from Illinois
State University. Adam has served
as Technical Director, Resident
Designer, and Scenic Design Professor
at Louisiana Tech University and
University of Houston Downtown.
He has worked at theatres such as
Asolo Repertory Theatre Terrace
Stage (scenic design) Playhouse on
the Square (scenic design), Theatre
Under the Stars (assistant lighting and
assistant scenic design), Lexington
Children’s Theatre (lighting and
scenic design), Birmingham Children’s
Theatre (resident designer and
technical director), Theatre Under the
Stars (TUTS) Humphreys School of
Musical Theatre (lighting and scenic
design), Olney Theatre Center (props
design) and Main Street Theatre
(scenic design).
Paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues. This project is sponsored in part by the Department of State,
Division of Cultural Aairs, the Florida Council of Arts and Culture, and the State of Florida.
in the Name of
Nancy & Tom Flanagan
Ron & Rita Greenbaum
Michele Hooper &
Lemuel Seabrook
Koman Family
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Linda Steinberger
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Honorable Dennis W. Archer
& Honorable
Trudy DunCombe Archer
Ali & Gloria Bahaj
Kitty & John Cranor
Mike & Karen Gardiner
Dr. Donald & Doris Johnson
David Kotok &
Christine Schlesinger
Patrick T. & Mary M. Mulva
Sarasota Magazine
Susan Straus
Dr. Ray & Fran Taylor
e and in person, outdoors at WBTT
, A
e and in person, outdoors at WBTT
The 2020 Giving Challenge & The
Community Foundation of Sarasota
County, The Patterson Foundation &
over 500 individual donors
Brunckhorst Family*
Enthusiastic Friends of WBTT
Kenneth & Sarah Goldblatt
Shelley & Sy Goldblatt*
Gulf Coast Community Foundation*
The Patterson Foundation*
Dona & Sam Scott Foundation
The Wright Foundation
Zella I. & Junius F. Allen Fund
of the Community Foundation
of Sarasota County*
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Steve & terry Clark*
Kitty & John Cranor*
Herald-Tribune Media Group*
Penelope Kingman*
Brock & Julie Leach*
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Rainers Grace Donor Fund,
A Donor Advised Fund
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Executive Accounting Solutions*
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Pat Kordis
Thank you to our family of donors for supporting WBTT’s
2020–2021 Season. We need you now more than ever!
Includes Visionary Circle Donors, Production Sponsors, and Event Sponsors
Contributions received from January 1, 2020
through May 3, 2021
*Denotes 5 years or more of continuous support
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Cumberland Advisors*
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Lynne Koy*
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Appleby Charitable Trust
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Archer & Honorable
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JD Productions
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Gulf Coast Community
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Foundation of Sarasota
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Alan & Sandi Borenkind
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Charlene Boykins
Edward Braddock
Leanna Breese
Irene & Anthony Britt
8 PM, JUNE 11–13, 2021
A Musical Revue to Benefit
Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
Created and Produced by Dr. Randall Morgan
Sunny Brownrout*
Kathryn Buckles
Judy Bua
Henry Bundles &
Helen Barker
Kathryn Buckles
in Honor of Teresa
Simmons’ Birthday
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Nancy Winship
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Bruce Zeitlin
$1,000,000 AND UP
Gerri Aaron & the Aaron
Family Foundation
Enthusiastic Friends of WBTT
Andrew and Judith Economos
State of Florida Division of
Cultural Aairs
Thank you to everyone who made our
Heart & Soul Campaign a success! Because of your
generosity, we exceeded our $8 million goal and
raised over $8.7 million! Your dollars have allowed us
to transform our campus into a cutting-edge theatre
arts center and to begin to build an endowment
that will ensure the long-term funding of our
facilities, programs and mission.
As of April 9, 2021
Steve & Terry Clark
Norbert & Ann Donelly
Shelley & Sy Goldblatt
Brock & Julie Leach
Howard Millman & Carolyn Michel
Edward D. and Anna Mitchell
Family Foundation
Frank Petralito
William G. & Marie Selby Foundation
Eva T. Slane
The WBTT Board of Trustees, Founder/Artistic Director Nate Jacobs and Executive Director
Julie Leach celebrate with members of Gerri Aaron’s family at the grand opening of the
Gerri Aaron & the Aaron Family Foundation Theatre Building, February 10, 2020
Ali & Gloria Bahaj
Brunckhorst Family
Kitty & John Cranor
The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation
Dr. Philip & Suzan Gaynes
Huisking Foundation
Elizabeth Moore
Drs. Joel and Gail Morganroth
Marian Moss
Jack & Priscilla Schlegel
Dona & Sam Scott Foundation
Paul Welch
Robert & Jean Zabelle
Clemmie & James Cash
Michael & Karen Gardiner
Giving Challenge 2018 (Community
Foundation of Sarasota County & The
Patterson Foundation)
Kenneth & Sarah Goldblatt
Alfred Goldstein &
Jean Weidner Goldstein
Marilyn & James Heskett
William & Elizabeth Johnston
Jay & Becky Kaiserman Foundation
Penelope Kingman
George Kole & Judy Zuckerberg
David Kotok, Cumberland Advisors
George & Janet Miles
Harry Sudako Foundation
Roberta L. Sudako Foundation
Dr. Bernard & Lois Watson
The Lee Wetherington Foundation
of the Community Foundation of
Sarasota County
The Wright Foundation
Douglas & Carolyn Anderson
Bankston Family Trust
Alfonso & Brenda Belsito
In Memory of Carol Poteat-Buchanan
and Carroll Buchanan from Black &
White Makes My Music Right
Abraham & Annette Cohen Foundation
Warren & Margot Coville
John & Geraldine Gibbs
Earl & Carolyn Glenn Foundation, Inc.
Burt & Liz Gold
Ron & Rita Greenbaum
Werner & Karen Gundersheimer
Tomeika Hunter-Koski
Amb. Jeanette Hyde
Donald & Doris Johnson
Robert & Barbara Johnson
Dr. John & Eilene Maupin
Dr. Randall & Karen Morgan
Bob & Andi Munzer
David Pomier & Linda Knox
Drs. Donald & Deborah Reaves
Mary Ann Robinson
Michael Saunders
Kenneth Schneier & Cynthia Craig
Lynn Wentworth
Robert & Angelia Wood
Jacquelyn Woods
Cheryl Anderson & Mike Springer
Bank of America Client Foundation
Carol & Tom Beeler
Bobbi & Don Bernstein
Helga & Jerry Bilik
Linda & Jim Bodycomb
Mr. & Mrs. Burton C. Borgelt
Marty & Barbara Bowling
Miles & Barbara Capron
Bob & Carol Carter
The Lawrence P. Castellani Family
Foundation — Larry & Joan Castellanni
Vernon & Liliana Chalfant
Charmaine Downie & Carl Battle
Leon & Marge Ellin
William & Sandra Farrow
Tom & Nancy Flanagan
Gamma Xi Boule Foundation, Inc.
Charles & Jean Gorham
Len Gumley
Benjamin & Judith Handelman
Marilyn Harwell
Nancy & Roger Hitchcock
Dr. Jaih & Kimberly Jackson
Ed Keon & Pat Kennelly
Alan & Abigail Kurland in Memory of
Joshua David Kurland
Joan Mathews
Gloria Moss
Fred Murrell
Debbie & Bill Partridge
Richard Perlman
Paige Petersen & Curtis Jordan
Roger & Alisa Pettingell
Jim & Jan Pullen
Alice Rau
Marta Riordan & Jim Boyle
R.G. & N.C. Robb
Sack Family Foundation
Robert & Hedria Saltzman
Dr. Charlotte Page Scarbrough
Bob & Teresa Simmons
G. Richard & Elizabeth Thompson
Glenn & Jackie Tilton
Susan & Charles Wilson
Sally Yanowitz
Ravi & Virginia Akhoury
Peg Allen & Steve Dixon
Mrs. Connie Anderson in Memory of
Rev. Jesse F. Anderson Jr.
Jock Andrews
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Z Foundation
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Barbara Zelley
Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is pleased to recognize our
legacy donors as our “Friendship Train.” These donors have
indicated in writing that WBTT is included in their estate plans.
We are so grateful to them for ensuring that WBTT will touch the
lives of young artists, students and patrons long into the future.
If you would like to consider jumping on board, contact Julie
Leach, Executive Director, at 941-366-1505.
Bankston Family Trust
Carol & Tom Beeler
Dan Denton
Michael & Suzanne Gladfelter
Ronald Greenbaum
Len Gumley
Marilyn Harwell
Bob Johnson
Darlene J. Kalada & Richard N. Bryan
Penelope Kingman
Lynne Koy
Alan & Abbie Kurland
Rose Marie Proietti
Laurie Rosin
Eva T. Slane
2020-2021 GRANTS
Thank you for being a loyal patron of our live in-person and
on-demand video performances. We are so grateful that
you’re part of our WBTT family!
We appreciate your patience as we continue to bring live
performances back to our campus and our community, while
ensuring the safety of you, our patrons, as well as our artists
and sta.
For the latest news about our 2020-2021 performances and
special events, visit us at, and
sign up there to receive our email updates if you aren’t getting
them already. Our home page also has links to our social media
pages, so you can sign up to follow us that way, too.
We look forward to seeing you on campus, online or
however you are able to join us.
We love you!
PHOTO: Evan Sigmund
The Making of the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
This Light of Mine: The Making of the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is produced by WEDU
PBS in partnership with the Community Foundation of Sarasota County with generous
funding from the George J. & Alice Pugh Donor Advised Fund. Photo by Sorcha Augustine
This riveting one-hour documentary explores the struggles
and triumphs of the 20-year journey of Westcoast Black
Theatre Troupe, from its nomadic beginnings to its
renovated theatre arts center in downtown Sarasota.
Facing the challenges of COVID-19 in 2020, WBTT created
new ways to bring its messages to patrons with outdoor
performances and streaming videos, while awaiting its
return to indoor performances.
Featuring interviews and performance excerpts, This Light
of Mine is a must-see for friends and supporters of WBTT.
12 N. Orange Ave.
Sarasota, Florida 34236
Visit us online at:
Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe was founded
in December 1999 as a not-for-profit
501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to
produce professional theatre that
promotes and celebrates African American
history and experience, engages a broad base
of patrons and audiences, supports the
development of a dynamic group of aspiring
artists and builds self-esteem in youth of color.
Tax-deductible gifts from generous individuals,
businesses, and foundations underwrite
WBTT’s annual operating budget. Your support
helps to keep tickets aordable and provides
funds to mentor new local talent and to
develop high-quality productions. In addition,
your gifts allow us to oer theatre experiences
to an underserved population.
Thank you!
The Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe of Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.