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A Glimpse  at Sixth Grade


By Madi Kurth

My life outside of school is always interesting! Even the bus ride home is always an adventure. My family is so busy every night theres always  something to do but we are all close and are always laughing when were together. I use to play a lot of sports but I pretty just narrowed it down to volleyball. I love my team we are all really close and play well together! Some of my hobbies include baking, cooking and hanging out with friends and family. Sometimes my hobbies include just sneaking on my neighbors trampoline me and Shyla have so many memories like flipping off or doing crazy things.

My Life Outside of School

About Me:  Sixth Grade

My expectations for sixth grade were lot like 5th grade but harder. That sounds kind of lame but they really were. I was kind of dreading it because I'm not a school person, but it turned out a lot better than I thought. For one thing even though its very hard to get out of bed in the morning and yes I like  weekends, it really is worth it coming and seeing all my friends and learning something new everyday. 
I have learned many valuable things this year for example  I really enjoyed learning about atoms and waves in science also writing papers in communication arts. One of my favorites was The Lump Coal letter!!

About Me: My sixth Grade Life

I feel like my behavior at schools is good but I could always try harder. I feel that I handle homework and stuff well, I try to most everything done at school so I don't have to do it at home. My parents have really helped me this year by checking my math, explaining things to me and making sure I have everything done! Something that surprised me this year is all the new experiences I have had.

Goals for the Rest of the Year

Some of my goals for the rest of the school year are to always remember to bring in homework and assignments, to put heading info on all of my papers, and to study things before the day before the test. Also I need to be more responsible for my things.

Work Samples

Pictures of My Year


  • 7-1 in Nixa Youth Sports Program
  • 2nd place NYSP tournment
  • 3rd place at stars spectatular
  • 2nd place at winterfest
  • 1st at Lori Endicott
  • Ranked 14 out of 125 in state
  • 16-5 in club season