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English 10-1

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The poetry book

Chris Collins



English 10-1

Pg 3 found poem 

Pg 4 Black out 

Pg 5 ABC poem

Pg 6 Cinquain

Pg 7 Haiku

Pg 8 Bio Poem

Pg 9 Shape Poem

Pg 10 Acrostic Poem - candy

Pg 11 Elegy

Pg 12 tanka poem

Pg 13 List Poem

Pg 14 Limerick

Pg 15 Senryu

Pg 16 Epitaph

Pg 17 Diamante

Pg 18 bio/pic 



               Found poem

      Black out


      ABC poem


                      My future

All i ever wanted was to be a soldier

Because i wanted to serve and protect my country
Could it be possible for me to do this
Do you think i could accomplish this
Everything's coming together
Finally i get my answer


Image result for charger 1970



My dream car


Fast, Agile

Turning, Drifting, Roaring  

wishing i had this car


Image result for Summer

I miss summer time

That was the best time i've had

I wish it was back




Strong, sharp, sad, wealthy  

Father of ava archer syme-reeves

Who loved acting and his wife

Who felt grief, who felt a shard of happiness, who felt lucky to have his daughter

Feared of losing his daughter, Feared of losing his acting job, Feared of not being able to protect his family

Wanted to love is wife and grow old together, Wants to keep his family together

September 2, 1964, Beirut, Lebanon



 Bio poem 


My celebrity 



                                        Big mountain

                                Of molten lava and rocks,

                    if i am tempted by earth i am ready to blow

       only a few hundred thousand years go by before i blow again,

I am a huge volcano ready to blow up again the earth will crack and reform.

 Shape Poem




Acrostic poem- candy 




My girlfriend 


I wish we didn't argue and fight

It makes me sad and hurt


Although i still love you

We have our good moments


We have a bright future

I wish we didn't argue and fight



I love my dog opie.

He is old and little.

He is brown and black.

And has a broken paw to.

He doesn't bite nore bark to.


       My dog 

I took my car to the shop to get the engine looked at and this is what they told me

Looks like you have a rope, a tire, an old pair of pliers, i piece of cardboard, a fly cord, a fishing pole, a tackle box, i think i see a pair of shoes, a piece of gum, and an old tie rod.

List poem

 How did that get in here


There was a wacky that had a tacky in his foot

And his foot was covered in soot

Then they saw him collapse

Because he was weak in the kneecaps

The doctor said it was a cardiac output



  The wacky had a tacky 

The sun is bright today

It shines with glory and bright light

The sun is beautiful


 The sun 


The only thing that matters in life is love and happiness not success.






                      Fast, heavy

               Fieling, Flying, Soaring

   Flying around mountains, rolling over cars

              Crushing, roaring, blasting

                        Heavy, slow





The army 

Im christopher collins im a sophmore in high school and im not really good at poetry yet but my english 10 teacher made us write them anyway.My life has been a series of twists and turns, but i cant complain there are peopel out there that have it worse.

Authur bio/pic