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Yasmine Kone

Hip Hop Poetry Final Project

Gold: D


There was a world without material which was never-less as alive as any other.

I wonder the world would be better off without me .

No one notice the lies that is behind the word.


In the video the man said juicy that is one of the word he repeat 

and said something happened to you and does not worst on your life .

you have experience about it.

If only I could catch my dream.

Looking at the sky and truly my dream comes true in the imagery wold.

The dream to erase my pain and make me feel strong.

End Rhyme 

I will love to go ride a boat.

I will always take my  goat with me.

He won't stay in the house.

Cause is not a mouse.

Meaning is what something stand for,

the explanation of something the definition.

Meaning in my poem is the way I am seing things going on for me in this world.

Imagery mean to think of something that you want or come up

on your mind.

example :i have imagery when i am happy of somethine or want 

new things i dream of.