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Protect me!!

By: Kristen Wahl

UNICEF's mission is to protect the rights and welfare of all children. UNICEF was created to help conquer starvation, cruelty, disease, and prejudice that can occur in a child's life. The United Nations Children's Fund has been around since 1946. It was then called the International Children's Emergency Fund or ICEF. ICEF got it's first donation from an individual in 1947. United Nations made ICEF a permanent agency and renamed it to the United Nations Children's Fund.

UNICEF otherwise known as:

United Nations

Children's Fund

  • UNICEF has almost always focused on their gender initiatives. They have turned towards gender equality and HIV/AIDS. UNICEF is trying it's best to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS. A huge amount of people has a type of HIV or AIDS. If you look at your family and friends you are most likely to find someone with one or the other. They have probably had help from others and that is what the United Nations Children's Fund is trying to do.


  • In multiple Middle Eastern countries women and girls are downgraded and don't have the freedoms that we take for granted in the United States of America. These females can't do the jobs that they want to do, have relations with other females, or divorce their husbands. How would you feel being traded off either by your father or brother to the highest bidder to only do what he wants to do?


  • The pay is sometimes different for the same job based on gender. This is an example of the inequality towards different genders.The people in America used to go through this women were paid over fifty percent less than males were during the 1920s. The inequality of genders started way before that. During the Middle Ages, the women were dealed off to husbands and used as butler and baby-maker.


Where is UNICEF 's focus heading?

Provide money to their foundation so that children around the world can have:

  • A fair chance
  • Good health


  • Vaccines


  • Safety


  • A new idea


  • Help


  • Clean water


  • Playtime


UNICEF is trying to convince us to . . .


Existing Legislation that

UNICEF has Achieved

  • Declaration of the Rights of the Child - United Nation definition of children's rights.


  • Convention on the Rights of the Child - United Nation members adopt.


  • World Declaration on the Survival, Protection, and Development of Children - 152 countries at the World Summit for Children.



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