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Animal Fraction
***You are a scientist and a part of the Scientific Animal Fraction Creation Lab where
new animal creations are found and researched. It has been awhile since you have had
the excitement of a new encounter so you head out, determined to capture something
extreme. While hiking through the Amazon Forest, you stumble upon a weird looking
animal that you have never seen before. You know it is your job to capture it and take
it back to the lab. There will be tons of studying and research involved to find out
what this animal is. After an intense amount of research, you realize that no one has
spotted this animal before. You will need to recreate this animal on a piece of paper
and figure out its fractional parts to send off to the Scientific Animal Fraction
Creation Lab in order to release it back into its natural habitat.
***Good luck on your creation and don’t forget to label each body part with its
fraction and to name your new animal find.
*** Creation must include: at least one head, at least two eyes, a
nose, a mouth, at least two ears, a body, one type of fur, a tail,
length of tail, at least two legs, and a neck.,
Answer the following to send off to the lab.
1. Add head(s) and ears together.
2. Subtract the nose from the sum of the head(s) and ears.
3. Add the body and head(s) together.
4. Add the nose and mouth together.
5. Subtract the neck from the body.
6. Add the type of fur to the body.
7. Subtract the neck from the head(s).