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The Missing Sub

Edison Wolniakowski

3rd Hour

It was becoming night as the weary Captain closed the book he was reading. He had always been fascinated by mythology regarding the places he was going. He was reading about the island of Nassau. There were legends about strange visitors and a gate to another dimension. The story was fun, but the Captain wanted facts. He was going to go underwater to map the ocean bottom. He climbed into his bed and listened to the waves crashing into the sub. The sub rocked violently as the waves hit the boat. They had been running on the surface and the storm had been getting worse as the day went on. Suddenly a call went through the boat, "Captain to the bridge!" He put on his rain gear at once, and quickly headed up. 'Captain," said the Mate, "you are wanted on deck."  He came up to find his crew members looking at something in the distance. He saw black clouds and lightening. The storm was getting very bad and the Captain ordered everyone back in. He ordered he his crew to dive. As they dove, a lightning bolt struck the sub. The lights blazed bright for a second, then the lights went out. The emergency lights came on. The Captain's friend, Lieutenant Bob Jacobsen, called up from the engine room. "Captain, that lightning strike really did some damage. Our main computer is damaged. It will take me a day to get it going again." Without the computer, they had no idea where they were in the ocean. The Captain wanted to hail another vessel, but the radio didn't function either. They were alone in the ocean without the ability to call for help. The storm continued with all of its fury. He told the crew to go to bed and wait for the morning. They would see then if the storm died down. The storm raged on as the crew slept and waited for morning. The Captain climbed into his bunk and started to read his book again. He wondered about the legend, and thought about how strange it would be if it was real. He set the book down a bit later and went to sleep. 

The Captain woke up early in the morning to people knocking on his door very loudly. "Captain! Captain!" they cried, "Come quick!" The Captain rushed quickly up to the top of the ship. They were in a very strange place. The Captain noticed that they sky had turned orange. The Captain looked at the GPS to see where they were. The GPS screen flashed the words "no signal." The Captain thought that was strange. They never lose the signal. He picked up the phone to call his friend. Bob answered almost immediately. The Captain asked Bob if the computer was up and running. Bob said, "Yes it took me most of the night, but I got it working again." The Captain replied "That's strange. It's still not working." Bob came upstairs and took a look at the computer. He said, "Yes the computer is working, but we still have no signal." He picked up the radio to try to call someone. The Captain only got static. He thought that if they waited a while they would come back in range of the satellite. All of the sudden one of the crew yelled "Captain ! I see land!" The Captain sighed with relief as he went to the top of the ship. He could see land. He hoped he could find someone who could give them their position. He rushed downstairs to get some binoculars. He ran back up. He saw the land, but something still seemed odd. He zoomed in on the trees. The leaves on the trees were blue! He told one of his crew members to look through the binoculars to make sure that the Captain was not seeing things. The crew member looked through the binoculars and exclaimed "Yep. Those are blue trees." The Captain did not know what to think. Where could they possibly be? There was an orange sky and blue trees! The Captain was shocked. How could this happen? Then he remembered the storm. The black clouds and the lightning hitting the sub. The legend in his book talked about a portal. Could it be? Did they got though it? Could it be true?

The legend spoke about strange beings. They might be strange, but if he found them they could possibly find out how to get back through the portal. The Captain ordered some of his crew to come with him to see the land. He selected a small number of sailors and Lieutenant Bob. They set out in a rubber raft. The raft came ashore and the Captain ordered everyone out. At first the captan did not see anyone, but then he heard things in the bushes. The Captain said, "Who is there? Show yourself!" All of the sudden a strange creature came out of the bushes. The creature was a tall green humanoid. He was wearing expensive looking furs. He also was holding a metal sword. They looked at each other for a second and then the Captain asked boldly "Do you speak English sir?" The creature looked at him oddly. He motioned to follow him though. The Captain and his crew followed the creature. They eventually came to a little village. There they found houses made out of a futuristic plastic. Then another creature walked up to him. He spoke English. He said "My name is Abery. Welcome to the village of  Futuria "The Captain responded, "My name is Edward Star. We need help. We are very lost." The Captain told the creature about everything that happened. The black clouds and the lightning. "Hmm," Abery exclaimed, I think I can help you out." "Good! said the Captain, We need to get out of here soon." Abery said, "People from our world used to visit your world. We found your world to be hostile place, so we stopped going there. The portal can only be opened in a storm. Tonight, sail your ship away from land. I will give you a lightning stone. It will make sure that lightning will strike your ship as you sail out to the black cloud. The Captain was skeptical, but with few options he agreed. He made sure that Lieutenant Bob put it on the highest point on the sub. When it became night, they thanked the kind creatures and sailed into the night towards the black clouds. They could see lightning in the distance as they came closer to the clouds. They got under the clouds and waited. He had Bob disconnect the computer to make sure it would not die once it got struck with lightning again. All of the sudden lightning struck the sub and the lights went out for a second then they came back on. They plugged in the computer again and Bob loaded the GPS unit on it. As they computer lit up again, the radio crackled back on. The GPS finally loaded and he could see their position on the GPS. He thinks to himself, "If that legend was true, how many others are true?"