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 Walt Disney



I chose Walt Disney for my animator because he has been a inspiration for me my whole life. He's been an inspiration for me because he had dyslexia and I also have dyslexia. When I wa syounger I thought I was dumb because I couldnt read and write and My mom always brought me these quates from famous people that had dyslexia. Most of the quates were from einstein, but there was a quate from Walt Disney and I realized how much him and I had in common.



Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois in December, 5th 1901. His first films were Bambi in 1942, Pinochio in 1940, Fantasia in 1940, and Dumbo in 1941. The first character Walt ever made was Oswald but his first employee stole the writes to him, so he created the Mickey club. He died on December 15, 1966 at the age of 66. After he died they created disney land.