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    Walt Disney 1901-1966

          Daniel Tracey


Walt Disney


was a pioneer  


of animators and


was the


 first to use the


expensive technicolor.


Walt Disney 


used most of his


money in


 the middle of


filming a


 movie. Even though it was


 a risk his film was a big hit.



After that movie was in



Technicolor the use of color



animations grew.

1901- Walter E Disney is born to Elias Disney and Flora Disney in Chicago.

1906- Family moves to farm and Walt gets interested in drawing

1911- Family moves to Kansas City and gets intersetd in movies.

1917- Walt enters Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and wants to be a newspaper cartoonist

1918- Walt lies about age and enters the American Ambulance Corps and is stationed in France after WW1.

1919- Gets to work at Pesmen R Rubin Commercial Art Studio.

1920- Founds Iwerk-Disney Commerical Artists and fails after a month.

1923- Walt makes Disney Brother Studios in Hollywood and is a director.

1924- Walt hires other animators to help him.

1927- Charles Mintz almost takes control of Walt Disney Studios.

1928- Walt makes Mickey Mouse and also makes the animation Steamboat Willie.

1939- Disney makes multipane camera and helps make 1st feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which wins an Academy Award.

1953- Disney founds Buena Vista Film Distribution Company.

1954- Walt partners with ABC and buys land for Disneyland.

1955- Disneyland opens and has 2 millions vistors in 2 months.

1964- Walt wins 13 Academy Awards for Mary Poppins and wins Presidental Medal of Freedom.

1965- Walt purchases land for Epcot which later becomes Disney World

1966- Walt Disney Dies


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