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The dark wind blew over my shoulder as war ended. My wife, 3 beautiful daughters, and my tribe had been defeated in war. Only Tadodaho would do such a thing. I went down the smoke tracks and took shelter in the woods; feeling frustrated and sad for the first time. “Why would Tadodaho do such a thing?” I wondere d.


But before I could think some more, someone in a stone canoe came rowing by me. He wanted to talk but no words came out. He tried again and he said, “ Hiawatha, I know your feelings. I understand your behavior, but this war must stop!

“ He knows my name?” I wondered. Then after a few seconds, he said,

I am known as the Peacemaker and I have come for peace; but everyday I hear argument and see war! All this must stop!”



I didn’t trust that man so I backed away from him. He just stared at me and said, “ please come with meee. M-M-M-Y voice is weak but yours is strong. Coomme join me and we will combine all the tribes to tell Tadodaho a messsaaggge of peace. Comee and weee will travel to the Onondaga first.”



His voice was convincing so I followed him to the river bank. “ How will we get there” I asked.

The Peacemaker laughed and said, “ On my stone canoe of course!” I stared at the stone canoe, stepped in hoping that it was not a cruel trick. I stood for 5 seconds, then sat down just for safety reasons. A while later, we were headed to the Onondaga tribe. On the way, I started to believe. A moment later, we arrived at the onondaga tribe. The Peacemaker put his hand on my back and it felt like his words were transpassing through me. I said,” Peace and harmony shall be the new way. We cannot live like this come with us and we’ll gather all nations to tell Tadodaho a meaning of peace.


The clan mothers nodded in agreement. “Excuse me kind elder, but Tadodaho is too violent and strong. We will never be able to tell him,” said the onondaga chief. The Peacemaker did not let any negative thoughts go through as she said “ With all nations, we will have a strong heart.”




With those words, the Onondaga chief agreed, we set off to the Cayuga tribe. When we got to the Cayuga tribe, I took a step but then I saw fire. “ we will never be free!” I shouted.


The Peacemaker was not discouraged so he told me to sit with the Cayuga tribe chief to confess. We talked about how we should let this war stop and the Cayuga chief agreed right away. So, together we traveled as 1 nation. When we got to the Seneca tribe, arrows and weapons were pointed at us. The Peacemaker even showed signs of worry! “ We must stop this war from happening. Come with us and we will tell Tadodaho the meaning of peace.”


After that, the Seneca tribe chief agreed and together we went off as 2 nations. A while later, we came by a hill. It looked like a tribe so we all took a step. Before we knew it, we were captured. The Oneida chief was mad so he shouted, “ Why are you elders here?”


The Peacemaker was calm so he told me to tell my story. So I did. After my story, the Oneida chief said he would come. The chief untied us and then we traveled as 3 nations. The time had come to go to the 2nd last tribe, the Mohawk. It took a long time to get there but we soon got there. I told the Mohawk chief about my loss and how we are going to tell Tadodaho a peace lesson, but the Mohawk chief wanted more proof. I couldn’t think of any proof we might have; but the Peacemaker seemed to. “ I will climb this tree. You and your men will chop it down. I will be waiting at the campfire if I survive. If I survive, then the message is true.


After that, the Peacemaker climbed the tree and everyone chopped it down “ YOU…..YOU!! Forfeit Tadodaho's actions but you act just like him!” a clan mother shouted.


Soon all the rest of the men who followed us agreed, but I told them we were not faking. The next day, we went to the campfire and then we saw the peacemaker waiting for us. So the Mohawk chief agreed and we traveled as 4 nations. Along we went to Tadodaho den. When we got there, Me and the Peacemaker went to shore. We were surrounded by arrows but the Peacemaker told them that we were here to see Tadodaho. They said Tadodaho did not like having visitors, but they let us into the rook anyway. When I saw him, I thought of how it would feel if I had turned into a man with snakes on his head, scales and could not stand up right. I also thought of how I could cure that man in any way. I felt bad for him so I stirred up some medicine with some avacaod leves and told him that I would come everyday to give him more medicine and some fresh water from the silver lake.


On the forth day, the Peacemaker made a ceremony. The Peacemaker chanted some words and then Tadodaho let out a scream which made all the snakes on his head slither back where they belonged. The Peacemaker said some other words and then all Tadodaho’s scales dissapeared, with another spell, Tadodaho could stand up right! The peacemaker finished by telling tadodaho that he was now cured.

“ men of all, chop down this tree. This tree will be called the Tree of Peace. We must burry our weapons under this tree. The guard of our Tree of Peace will be Tadodaho. He will be eagle, strong and bold” He chanted the spell, and then Tadodaho became eagle perched on the top of the Tree of Peace. Once again, all nations were united.


                        The End!