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Snow Leopards


                                   By, Isabella Marino


Snow Leopard

                      By,  Isabella Marino

Table of Contents

Snow Leopard life…………………...4-11

Snow Leopard Habitat……………..11-18

Why are Snow Leopards




I chose to do my book about snow leopards because they are cute little animals that need our help. There is only 4,00 left and I did this to show awareness to people  that these animals need help and how we can help them. I also picked endangered animal because we need animals for so much things but we don’t realize Snow Leopards don’t give us that many things but they are a lost cause if we stop the poachers snow Leopards with be animals in the future. Snow Leopard don’t hurt us there is no reason to kill them so when you read this think about how you can help this lost cause.

I dedicate this to my family for everything that they help me with in life. They always get me through tough times like I use to not like Field Hockey but then I started to play it and I love it.

 Introduction and Dedication



Imagine being in Asia looking at a white furred animal walking up to you that is making no sound looking like it is about to pounce. It is probably a snow leopard. In this chapter you will learn about the body part and how they help this adorable beast. The early life of these fuzzy creature, people might die when they see how cute they are. Finally the mid to old life of this animal these animals get old but people won’t even tell when they see it. If you want to learn more keep reading.


Imagine being in Asia looking at a white furred animal walking up to you that is making no sound looking like it is about to pounce. It is probably a snow leopard. In this chapter you will learn about the body part and how they help this adorable beast. The early life of these fuzzy creature, people might die when they see how cute they are. Finally the mid to old life of this animal these animals get old but people won’t even tell when they see it. If you want to learn more keep reading.



What is that, a plane? No it is a Snow leopard you might be surprised but the Snow leopard can jump 30 feet in the air because of its limbs that are short in the front and long in the back. They use their limbs to descend on the prey that they want. There limbs not only can make them jump high but far, to they can jump as far as 50 feet. Not only is the Snow leopard limbs important but also there nose, fur, paws, and tail. The nose is short so they have really good smelling and since they live in cold climates the air that they blow in through the nose gets heated when it gets to the lungs so they won’t get sick. There tail is different from other cats it is long and thick, they use it to keep body parts that are cold and have no fur on it warm. The fur is very helpful when the fluffy animal needs to get prey the reason for  this, is the first it has blends in with the snow so the food that it eats can not see it. Finally, the paws  on a Snow leopard are so important they are very big way bigger the most big cats. They are so big they won’t get stuck in the snow. They act like snow boots they can’t get cold when they walk in the snow This is the body parts and why they are important to the Snow Leopard.


How cute a white animal and it is a baby. Well that is not an ordinary animal that is the Snow leopard. When the animals are born they get there vision at seven days old. They stay in the den and wait for their mom to come with food that she caught from the hunting trip. This food with consist of milk from the mom the first 2 months. Months 2-3 they will start to have solid food like Ibex and Blue Sheep. They also start to move around at the age of 3 months, They follow their mother to learn things like how they get there food and how they can be safe from predators the only predictor to a Snow Leopards are humans. Unlike humans Snow Leopards start doing thing very early and are only around the den till four months. Snow leopards don’t just end here let's keep learning about the rest of their life.


That is so scary run it looks so big! Calm down it is just a Snow Leopard in it’s middle age. As it said before they leave the den at four months and go out on their own usually they will find there own den and start to do what their mother taught them. They get there food by hunting for it usually a hunting trip will take close to all day they will bring back Blue Sheep, and Ibex. They will get there food by pouncing on their prey and then killing it with their nails from there feet and there claws. Cubs mate in late May early June they will find their mate by smelling each other scent and if they like the scent they follow it. According to by Snow Leopard trust its states that in captivity Snow Leopard live for about 21 years. But in the wild they are not exactly sure who long they live but they say probably a shorter life because of the risk in the wild. This confirms that Snow Leopard are pretty old when they die.


This chapter was about the body parts of this beautiful creature, the early life of these adorable fur balls, and the Mid to death life of the Snow Leopard. In this chapter I hope that the readers have read it and learned all new facts about Snow Leopards. These animals are very equipt to their environment so the next time you see one don’t be scared and run they have never harmed humans and they don’t roar. Also people will not see the Snow Leopard because it blends in so well. Read on to learn so much more.





Imagine Seeing a Snow Leopard in -20 degree weather well it is possible. In this chapter you will learn about the Habitat of a Snow Leopard. Like the countries they live in, The type of Area they live in, and were there home is. To learn more about this great topic keep reading it will be great.

If you are in Central China of the middle east you might see a Snow Leopard. Acordind to is only 12 countries were Snow Leopards live and that is Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. In these area snow Leopard live in different place in Afghanistan and Mongolia Snow Leopard live on leveled ground since they already have high altitude. In China 60% of Snow Leopards live there. In Nepal and India The Snow Leopards live in the low altitudes of the Himalayas. In Pakistan and Kazakhstan these ferocious animals live on the Kush mountains. This animals live in many places but in the same type of environment.

They type of area Snow Leopards live in is where there is not a lot of plants the only greens there is some scrubs but you might only see them every five miles state It is very rocky they will mostly be on mountains or outcrops because of their paws it is easy for them to walk on a rough and rocky surface. They live in sub alpine zones during the winter because it is warmer closer to sea level. In the summer seasons they live in Alpine zones that is higher up and they catch way more prey. They live very high up the sub alpine zones are 10,000 to 11,500 above sea level that is where that is how high up they are on a cold day. A warm day for Snow Leopards is crazy they can be so high up as high as Mt. Everest. These alpine zones are 14,000 ft and up that is so high they are this high so it is easier to pounce on there prey.

Were is there home? This question was answered in A Snow Leopard does not have a home but it does have a home range there home range is 30-35 Kilometers. They are nomadic they don't just have one home they have multiply ones all around. They will walk around their home range everyday to make sure there is no other animal in their territory they will usually fight other animals to get out of there territory but they will not harm humans. They also might not stay in their home ranges sometime they just go where there prey goes so they will always have something to eat. When these animals get their prey they will bring it back to the den that they sleep in usually there dens are spaces in the rock of the mountain that they can fit in. They don't have a place that they can say is home but Snow Leopards do have a home range.


This chapter was about the country's snow Leopard live in, The type of area that they live in, and were there home is. I hope that the readers have learned all the facts they can about these Snow Leopard topics. These animals don't have a home so you might just see them sleeping on some rock if you do but you probably won because I don't think that you will be climbing mountains any time soon make look around see if there den is there. Also look to see any plants there probably is three in a 3o mile radius not a place where humans want to live but definitely a place where Snow Leopards want to live.




Why are They Endangered?

Imagine seeing a Snow Leopard it might be hard because there are only 4,000 to 6,500 left. In this chapter you will learn about how humans effect Snow Leopards, The environment, and why they matter. This matter is very serious and I hope that when you read this you will definitely want  To learn read on and find out really why they are endangered.


People might as how could anyone hurt this ferocious animal well it is not an animal that hurts them it is humans that hurt them. There are hunters were they kill the Snow Leopard for money and where these animals live the jobs people get are only 200 dollars a month some hunters can get one Snow Leopard for 500 dollars. There are also poachers they with kill a Snow Leopard just for there fur, and people of central china make medicine out of there bones. There are farmers that kill Snow Leopards because they get in there land and kill their livestock so they will shoot the Snow Leopard so they don’t do it anymore. Also humans take land which is part of the habitat so they only have little places to like and not only their land is being taken but also their prey is so they don’t have enough to eat. So as you can see humans are affecting them the most.

There is also other reasons why Snow Leopards are endangered like the environment. Snow Leopard like a cold climate but since global warming the world is getting warmer so if it gets too hot they won’t be able to live. There is a lot there prey dieing because of the same reasons so they don’t get enough food. Also there is a war which is destroying the environment where they live so they have to live igh up in the mountains and sometimes it get too cold for them. Since there is so many earthquakes there the avalanches kill the Snow Leopard and that is not that big of a problem but it is one of The reason why they are endangered.


Some people may ask why do we need to help these animals what do they do for us? Well you might be surprised but there habitat supplies wood to build things and fix thing they supply this because since they don’t use it there is so much wood in that area. It also supplies use with nutrient the things they leave behind which we could use in medicine and so many more things the people can use this medicine to fix the problems they have. They supply us heat and fuel they supply this stuff by leaving behind thing when they walk around. The biggest reasons we need Snow Leopard is they eat herbivores and if they became extinct then we would have to many herbivores and they would eat too many plants and then humans would not have enough green to grow and eat they would come on to the land and eat it all. We need Snow Leopards more than they need us.


This chapter was about why Snow Leopards were endangered. What humans do to effect these adorable animals. How the environment effect Snow Leopards. Also, why they matter. I hope after reading this you will do something to help Snow Leopards. If you want to see a Snow Leopard it might be too hard to find because there are only 4,550 to 6,500 left.


The height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground level.



A mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside


Blue sheep

A wild animal that looks like a gazelle and can run on mountain sides



the condition of being imprisoned or confined.



the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.



the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.



savagely fierce, cruel, or violent.


Global Warming

a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.



the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism.


Himalaya mountains

the, a mountain range extending about 1500 miles (2400 km) alongthe border between India and Tibet. Highest peak, Mt. Everest,29,028 feet (8848 meters).



a wild goat with long, thick ridged horns and a beard, found in the mountains of the Alps, Pyrenees, central Asia, and Ethiopia.


Kush mountains

a mountain range in S Asia, mostly in NE Afghanistan, extending From the Himalayas. Highest peak, Tirich Mir, 25,230 feet (7690 meters).



an arm or leg of a person or four-legged animal, or a bird's wing.



farm animals regarded as an asset.



Is when you don’t have a home and you keep moving around and changing homes



a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life.



a rock formation that is visible on the surface.



It is when you kill an animal for it’s resources.


Snow Leopards

A rare large cat that has pale gray fur patterned with dark blotches and rings, living in the Altai mountains, Hindu Kush, and Himalayas.



pertaining to the regions at the foot of the Alps.

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