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Private City 


By: Preet 


Private City 

By: Preet 

Private City

By: Preet 




       Furqan Bella


    Nikke Cena


    John Cena


    Dean Ambrose 


    Police Aj

  One Year from here Furqan Bella strated a youtube channel called the bella boss. He strated doing this thing because he wanted money. If you work for youtube you get moeny. After 90 days he reached 900,000 subscribers. He was only 9-10 years old and had a team becasue to small, so he had to go to school. But when he was doing youtube he got too famous and couldn't do to school because of fans. So than he and his team thinked that they had made lot of money from youtube why when we go to the private city. 


  Where Furqan livied they had a  private city were only the rich ones can live there.  So Furqan was moving to the city but let me tell you about the city. So you had to pay 50,000,000  including tax, food, house, school, and a car ( maserati granturismo 2017).  So when he was moving he had 10 police people just to ecort him to the airport.  



Another reason why he move was that to famos for the school. On the First day of school in the city he found 3 people named John cena ,Dean ambrose ,Nikki cena. All of the 3 ask furqan that are you new to here he said "ya..."When furqan came home all of the 3 poeple he mat were in he's contact.


   After what happened Furqan started thinking how did three of these people from my new school got into my phone. The first day school when he met john, dean, nikki Furqan thought that dean was a bad person even when he spent 50,000,00


    Dean and Nikki found out that furqan was rich.We know that they were too that how they got into the private city. But they spend all of it to get here so now they are poor and not poor.






So when he knew that furqan was rich he put all three of three of phone there number into his phone. Then furqan had a private police name  Aj. He was once just walking and than he saw both of dean, and nikki talking about stealing all of the moeny for furqan.


   So poplice aj found out who is going    to be sleating all the moeny for my boss. But he didn't tell anyone not even the other poelce who sayed with urqan 24/7.

He will tell Furqan but not right now. Why he is not telling them because he thinks that they are going to fail doing there plan. Poeople

who try to do a bab

thing allways end up

in the jail my boss

officer said. 

   It was a next day they were going to work on the plan at night. But Than on that day i told my boss that dean and nikki are going to steal your......... after that he give me 20 police offier to came with me and take them to jail. So now we made a plan how to arrest them and take them where they bealone. So after 50-60 min take them down and bring them into the jail. after 10-15 years they somehow got into a call with john cean ( one of there frinds in the childood). He was a lawer at that point and he helped that get out dean and nikki out of jail and now they are all

out. they all when

to furqan 100,000

dollars house to say

sorry to him. Thank

you to police aj

to control everthing

out. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! 







Do you think that Dean and Nikke will stay alive in the city with out money?