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Ten of the spookiest places nobody wants to visit.

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Ten Haunted Places Nobody Loves

By Liam L.


Waverly Hills Sanatorium............5

St. Augustine Lighthouse............9

Bhangarh Fort.............................11

Myrtles Plantation.......................14

Highgate Cemetery.....................20

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum....23

Ancient Ram Inn........................25

Crescent Hotel..........................27

Villisca Ax Murder House..........28

Battlefield of Gettysburg ..........29

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       What gives you the chills? A ghost? A paranormal force? Whatever it is, this book will have it all, including some odd scary stories. These spine tickling places will keep you thinking, but by the end you will never want to visit them... EVER! This book will plunge you into the most unexplored part of earth... The Paranormal Side.

During the 1800's and early 1900's America was swept up like a undertow current by a deadly disease known as tuberculosis. This terrifying, ultra contagious disease, with no cure killed of entire families and even towns. Louisville, Kentucky had one of the largest death rates in the country, because of its ideal habitat for disease, a low swampland. After another hospital had been overcrowded, after lots of funding, they managed to build another one, Waverly Hills. Even though it was considered the most advanced tuberculosis sanatorium, hundreds still died there. People believed the best cure was rest, fresh air and nutritious food, though some people came out alive, they were absolutely wrong

Some other more cruel cures were exposing patients lungs to ultraviolet light   radiation to stop the spread of bacteria. Since fresh air was considered a cure at the time, patients were sometime left outside, regardless of weather. Some were found buried under six inches of snow. There were other more dangerous bloody treatments, such as surgically implanting balloons into the lungs, then inflating them with air, as well as removing ribs and muscles were removed from the chest to let the lungs expand and let in more oxygen. These were last resort treatments, and very few patients survived.



         Waverly Hills Sanitorium-History

     Though the few surviving patients went out the front door, most cadavers went down the "body chute." This secret tunnel led from the sanitorium to the railroad tracks at the bottom of hill where trains would crash over them like an ocean current. Using a motorized rail and a cable system, the bodies were lowered in clandestine to the trains. Doctors did this so that the patients would not see all the people that died, because they might lose faith in their situation. The doctors believed the patients mental health was just as vital as their physical health. 

      By the 1930's tuberculosis was declining, and by 1943, medicines had eradicated the disease in the United States. 

      In 1961, Waverly Hills closed, yet was reopened a year later as Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanatorium, but in 1982, the state closed the building for good. 

      By 2001, weather had nearly demolished the building.

Waverly Hills Sanitorium History- Pt. 2

The much feared body chute

After closing down, the Louisville Ghost Hunter Society researched the Sanitorium and boy did they find some unexplainable things, easily placing it as one of the top haunted places in America. One legend involves a man in a white coat seen in the kitchen, with smells of baking food. When the Ghost Hunter Society went there some investigators saw the kitchen as a disaster, with almost everything broken inside. Then, the explainable happened, the investigators reported footsteps, and the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the air. A search reveled that no one was in the building besides them at the time. It is still a mystery.

The most haunted place in the building is probably the fifth floor, where the infamous (in-fam-us, well known for a bad thing) room 502 is located. In this room the head nurse was found hanging from the light fixture, and she committed suicide. The reason believed for this happening was that she was depressed about the situation of the hospital and the patients. It is not known how long she was hanging there. Another rumor is that a woman jumped to her death from that room, though it is not confirmed to be true. In the past investigators have seen lights flicker on where they shouldn't, had objects chucked at them, and been grabbed by unseen hands.   

            Waverly Hills Sanitorium - Haunted

     Waverly Hills Sanitorium- Famous Ghosts

Some famous ghosts are an elderly woman who roams the hospital moaning and bleeding from her chained hands and feet. There is also a 6 to 7 year old child ghost named Timmy who people often bring balls for, and he rolls them around. There is a petrifying dark entity known as the Creeper. While some claim it is an otherworldly demonic force, others say it is a human spirit twisted by their tubercular death. What is known is that if it happens do pass you, you are instantly filled with dread. There is also doppelgangers, creatures that can replicate another person's body, except they are doing something the real person wouldn't do, almost like the opposite of them. An example would be you seeing yourself destroying a toy, even if that person loves that toy.

Not only the Lighthouse, but all of St Augustine is haunted, though now we are only focusing on the lighthouse, the most haunted place. The most famous apparitions are the two daughters of Hezekiah Pittee, who was in charge of the construction of the lighthouse in the 1870's. His two daughters died in a tragic accident, and though there are many variations of this tale, the gist of the tale is this: During the construction of the tower, Hezekiah's children were playing on a supply cart that ran of the tracks where modern day Salt Run, Florida is located. Once the cart hit the gate, the children were trapped until a worker was able to lift it up. The two younger children, Edward and Carrie survived, while the two oldest, Eliza and Mary drowned. Another famous ghost is Joseph Andreu, who has been dead for more than a century, he is often spotted at the top at the lighthouse because he fell off while painting it. People claim his spirit never left the lighthouse, and he and his shadow has been seen looking out from the top of the lighthouse. He is also seen on the tower catwalk.  

         St Augastine Lighthouse

       St Augustine Lighthouse - part 2

Another prominent ghost is a lady who is seen standing on the stairway or walking on grounds outside the building. Her voice has been heard crying out for help. There has been reports of disembodied conversations, shadows, and sounds of footsteps coming up the lighthouse steps. Another ghost is a man seen in the basement, who is believed to be a civil war hero and former lighthouse keeper William A. Harn. There is also Peter Rasmussen, a meticulous character, with a love for cigars. He is one of the first ghosts people come in contact with. The smell of his cigars have been detected throughout the lighthouse.

     TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, investigated the lighthouse and set up advanced sound recorders as well as high tech cameras. The evidence they found was unbelievable. They recorded a woman looking over the railing of the staircase got an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) of a woman calling out. After the investigation the sight was declared the "Mona Lisa of Paranormal Sites", securing this place a spot on the list


The lighthouse staircase

     This haunted fort located in the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Rajasthan state of India was used in the 17th century. It is considered the most haunted place in India, but is a popular tourist attraction in the day because it is believed to only be haunted at night. In India, it is actually prohibited to go into the fort at night. People near the site have reported that they had a strange sensation of being followed and were even literally slapped at times. There is rumors that if you go in after sunset you will never come out. After sunset the doors are locked completely shut so no one can get in. Bhangarh fort is about 300 kilometers from Delhi (164 miles). Nearby villagers also report noises with no definite source. Reports have been of women screaming and crying and strange music coming from the fort. There have even been instances where a particular perfume (leading to one of the stories) has been smelled and ghostly shadows as well as odd lights have been seen. This crumbling death building is truly one you wouldn't want to visit.  

     Bhangarh Fort

There are many forms of these two stories, but they all follow the same basic plot and have the same ending. This is my interpretation of the stories.

     The first legend tells of a king named Man Singh I, who built this fort for his son, Madho Singh I. Madho wanted to increase the fortifications by raising the walls of the fort, but he first had to get the permission of a ascetic monk (someone who practices severe self-discipline.) named Bal Nath who lived right next to the fort. The condition to raising the walls was the shadow of the fort must never fall upon the ascetic's house. Then, the successor of Madho Singh added to the walls vertically, causing the fort's shadow to cover the house. Once the house was covered the fort was doomed. The promise was broken, and from then on Bhangarh fort was haunted.


   Bhangarh Fort  Story 1

The second story tells of a beautiful princess named Ratnvati. Her hair was silk, and she was adorned with diamonds. A dark magician fell in love with her, but knowing he didn't stand a chance with the godess princess, he tried to cast a spell upon her. He saw the princesses' maid buying perfume for her in the village, so he cast a spell on the perfume that would make the princess fall in love with him once she used it. Ratnavati felt suspicion so she poured the potion, which turned into a boulder that crushed the magician. Before his death, he cursed the princess, her family, and all of the village. The next year a major battle was fought between the forces of Bhangarh and Ajabghar, leading to the death of Ratnvati and most of the army. After this the Bhangarh fort area fell into ruin and was haunted by all that died of the magicians curse.

     It was believed that this curse was the reason that no one in the village or fort could be reborn. It was sentenced to desolation and is permanently inhabited by ghosts. A rumor is that if any villager tries to build a roof, it mysteriously collapses.

 Bhangarh fort story 2

Myrtles Plantation is one of the most haunted places in america and is known for many reports of ghosts and paranormal activities. In 1796 it was constructed by David Bradford, and since its construction, he has been at the scene of 10 murders. 

     His first attempt to marry failed, after he broke up with her a few days before the wedding, but he later married Elizabeth Porter and started a family. A successful businessman and attorney, he was able to build new, bigger houses to support his growing family. 

     He built a house in Washington, but was not able to enjoy it for long, because he took place in the whisky rebellion, which was against the tax on whisky. At one point George Washington even put a price on his head. After receiving the pardon, he was able to bring his family and five children back to Louisiana. 


Myrtles Plantation - History

Myrtles Plantation - History Pt 2 

He occasionally took in students who wanted to study the law, one of them being Clark Woodrooff (also spelled Woodruff), earned a law degree and married one of Bradford's daughters Sarah Mathilda. 

    Years Later, David Bradford died. 

    Woodrooff's happiness with Sarah wouldn't last because in 1823, Sarah died of yellow fever. 

     Two of his kids also died during the epidemic, and his last daughter died in 1830. 

     After many owners of the house, the latest one was Mary Cobb, who hired William Winter, the husband of her daughter, Sarah Mulford. Togethter they were  allowed to live in the house 

There is no doubt that this place has been dubbed devilishly haunted. With hand prints in the mirror, footsteps on the stairs, mysterious smells, vanishing objects, death by poison, and even a hanging, how could this place not be haunted. Holding the record for probably the most house in America in regards to ghostly phenomenons. As you have seen this house's history has been filled with death tragedies and despair. While this plantation is haunted, it is not for the reasons we have been told.

     One famous ghost dubbed ghost girl is clearly visible in a photo taken, though it is not known who she is.

      Perhaps the most famous murder in this house is the one of William Winter. The paper from that time recalled that he was teaching a Sunday school lesson when a stranger on horseback said he had some business with him. He went to meet him and was then shot. As of now William's murderer was never found nor identified, so he was not punished.

  Myrtles Plantation haunted

There is ghost girl, circled

Ghost girl, zoomed up

Myrtles Plantation - The legend of Chloe

     While this story may not be true, it is still a fun spooky story to tell.

     There was a slave named Chloe who was afraid to work in the fields, so she started eavesdropping in on the Woodruff's dinner conversations, and when they caught her, the judge's punishment was to cut off her ears. In order to prevent further punishment and possibly going to the harsh fields, she decided to nurse the family back to health.

    When it was Woodruff's eldest daughter's birthday, Chloe poisoned the cake with deadly oleander flowers. All of the family besides Woodruff ate the cake, and were very sick by the end of the day. Chloe attended to the family's needs, not realizing that she put in too much poison, and in a matter of hours all three of them were dead.

     The other slaves, wanting to escape punishment hanged Chloe, chopped her up and threw her in the river.

     Woodruff closed the kids dining room after that and was murdered a few years later. To this day that room has not been used for dining, it was the game room.

     Chloe has been seen all across myrtles and even photographed by a former owner. 

After this photo was researched it was determined to have the exact dimensions of a human

Highgate Cemetery - History

     In the 1800's the population of England skyrocketed, and bodies were being burned in mass pyres, so it was a privilege to even have a tombstone. Seven private cemeteries know as "the magnificent seven" were built, Highgate was one of them. This made this Gothic-Victorian style cemetery the most sought after cemetery in London. Some famous people buried there were Douglas Adams, Patrick Caulfield, and George Elliot. 

     After World War II, much of the cemetery's funding and fortune was lost, and so this once proud estate began to crumble, and was eventually abandoned

One of the most reported things is seeing cults using this cemetery for weird and unusual ceremonies, but perhaps the most famous thing is seeing the vampire, which was originally started in the 1970's. There was even a fight between two people who each believed that they could expel or destroy the vampire, Farrant and Manchester, who both went on vampire hunts.  Both never found the vampire.

     One man whose car broke down reported a frighting apparition with glowing red eyes. Another reported a man that was suddenly knocked down to the ground by a fearsome creature that seemed to glide from the wall of the cemetery, but dissolved after being hit by a car headlight. There is also a ghostly cyclist who has been seen puffing up the steep hill. Another not as fearsome ghost is a tall man who would calmly stroll down the road. His stroll was always accompanied by a sad tolling from an old, not used chapel.

Highgate Cemetery - Haunted

Highgate Cemetery - Modern Ghosts

Today the main sightings are the ghost of a mad old woman, whose long grey hair sways in the breeze looking for her children, who she supposedly murdered in a scene of rage and obliteration. There is also a shrouded figure who stares into space in a very engaged way, oblivious to the human around, but when the person gets to close, he vanishes, only to appear a short distance away.

Trans Allegheny  Lunatic Asylum

This Asylum (us-eye-lum, an institute that supplies support for the mentally ill), also known as the Weston State Hospital was home to thousands of people with mental illnesses starting in 1864. 

      Hundreds died in its walls until its close in 1994. The spirits in the Asylum are said to have haunted the building dating back to the Civil War, where it served as a military post. 

     Known for too many apparitions to even name, puzzling voices and sounds and other sightings reported by guests staff and even SYFY's ghost hunters. Some even say parts of the building were built for cult activity.

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum- The tale of Lily

      Legend has it that there was a little girl named Lilly who was the daughter of a patient who died right after her birth. Others believe she was just dropped off there one day, by parents who didn't want her. She was taken in and cared for until her tragic death at the age of nine, when she succumbed to pneumonia. After her death, her spirit remained in the hospital, unwilling to leave the only home she had ever known.

     Lily is known as the most active of the ghosts, and the most friendly. She plays games with visitors, and is even known to be close to some of the guides. Her room used to be bright yellow, the most cheery in TALA, and various toys are scattered across. Records show that she was most likely a real person. A game made by Aaron Sulser, who has investigated the Asylum a dozen times has even played a game that showed that she was there, and it involves a toy music box and flashlights, which she turned on max brightness when the music box played. When it slowed down she dimmed the lights, yet when Aaron cranked it, she started making in brighter.     

     This haunted inn built in 1145 was a former priests residence and is the oldest building in the town of Wotton Under Edge. It's land is also on a 5000 year old Pagan burial ground. The low wetlands near Potter's pond, where the inn is built sits on two Ley Lines, areas where some people believe there is a large source of spiritual energy. These lines can be traced all the way to Stonehenge to feed this place its paranormal power. 

     The building was first home to masons, slaves and workers who were constructing St. Mary's church. Because the inn is across the street from the church, streams on the inn's property had to be diverted around the church's site. Many people believe the redirecting of the water on the Ancient Ram Inn grounds opened up a portal for dark energy.

Ancient Ram Inn

     One of the most famous stories surrounding this place is the tale of the witch burned at the stake. This occurred during the 1500's at the peak of prosecutions against those who did not practice government-approved Christianity. Many people believe the woman's spirit still haunts one of the Inn's rooms because that was where she took refuge shortly before she was captured and killed. Today that room is called "The Witch's Room."

     In the late 1960's a man named John Humphries wanted to preserve the building and its story, so he decided to make it his home. On his first night in 1968, he was introduced to the furious ghosts. After going to sleep, he claimed a demonic force grabbed him and dragged him out of bed and across the room.

    In his life there he has also discovered evidence of ritual sacrifice and devil worship. He has found skeletons of children with broken daggers embedded in them which were believed to be used in a deadly ritual, then broken so that they could never be broken again. John Humphries is still the only occupant of the building to this day. 



    Ancient Ram Inn - part 2

This haunted hotel is known to be the most haunted hotel in America. The most famous spirits are Michael, the Irish stonemason who fell to his death while building the hotel in 1885. There is also Theodora a cancer patient of the Dr. Baker  hospital days who is seen asking for help to find her room key. There is Norman Baker in his white suit and lavender shirt. Morris, a ghost cat seen lurking around, and finally a mystery patient in a white nightgown who is seen in the luxury suites at the foot of the bed. People also report flickering lights and there cameras shutting off at full battery, then coming back on at low power. Some people even report capturing photos of these spirits. 

Crescent Hotel

On June 9th and 10th of 1912 a terrible crime was committed. The entire Moore family was slaughtered with their skulls crushed in, all while they were sleeping. It is believed that sometime between midnight and five AM a person entered the house with an axe that belonged to Josiah Moore, one of the eight victims of this gruesome murder. Doctors estimate the time of death to be shortly after midnight. All of the doors were locked and all the window curtains were closed. Even over 100 years later, there is no evidence for who committed the crime, it is still unknown. The murderer is probably long dead, carrying their gruesome secret down with them to the grave. Fingerprinting was very new, and DNA test were unimaginable at the time so it was impossible to find this person. Even today, we still have no clue about who organized this crime, and who committed it.


Villisca Axe Murder House

This battlefield, most known for where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address is where the Union soldiers beat the Confederate army under General Robert E. Lee. It is also where countless soldiers died fighting for their armies. People believe all the soldiers who died in that fight still lurk on the battlefield. One house on the battlefield called the George Welkert House had a door on the second floor that wouldn't close. It was nailed shut, and still it magically opened later. Some believe that it is a ghost holding it open. In this house there has also been reports of footsteps pacing back and forth across the attic. Another house on the battlefield, Hummelbaugh house, is where the voice of  Confederate General William Barksdale can be heard on certain nights. After the general died in a strike in the war his hunting do wouldn't leave the generals grave, and it eventually starved to death. After this a tale began to form that every July 2nd, the anniversary of the general's death, a ghostly howl can be heard. Another haunted place is Rose Farm. During the battle it served as a hospital and burial ground. One daughter of the farm's owner even reported seeing blood stream down the walls of the farm. Another man working at the farm reported a glowing shape near the graves of the slain soldiers only a few weeks after the battle. There is also numerous reports of phantom soldiers marching in formation and riding horses.

    Battlefield of Gettysburg

Battlefield of Gettysburg - Devils Den

Perhaps the most haunted reportedly haunted place on the whole battlefield is an are known as the "Devil's Den." Here the ghosts of the soldiers are not only seen, but heard. Stories surrounding this place started even before the battle. One story for how this place got its name was that it was once infested with snakes, and one time a giant one was spotted, though it was never captured or killed, so it was nicknamed "The Devil." In the battle, the one in devils den was the most brutal and confusing skirmish. Perhaps the two most famous ghosts in the den are a hippie with long dirty hair, a big floppy hat, and no shoes. After he talks he mysteriously disappears. Another famous ghost there is a ghost rider who vanishes and is replaced with the sound of soldiers cries and gunfire. In this place cameras  and electronic equipment don't work properly, though it has never been determined why.

     Now that you have learned about all these places, I guarantee you won't want to visit them. These spooky places are spread all over the world, and while they are all known for different things, I hope you can agree that they are definitely haunted. BOO!